How to Activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web For Mac and Windows PC

While most apps are adopting a dark theme to keep up with the latest trend, WhatsApp is somehow lagging in the race. Though I have a neat trick to activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web for macOS and Windows.

The fascination with Dark Mode is on the rise, iOS 13 has it, Instagram has it, Gmail has it. In fact, almost 100+ app supports Dark Mode on iOS 13. Though our beloved WhatsApp is somehow lagging behind in this race. While rumors are making the round that the feature is just around the corner for the mobile app. But what about WhatsApp Web??

For people like me who work on their PC (Mac or otherwise) probably more than their smartphones, the web version of the app is quite convenient. And having a dark theme will manifold the ease and fun of using this feature. This is why I would like to share a smart and sneaky way to activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web on Mac and Windows PC.

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Though I should forewarn you that this not a conventional way of adapting Dark Mode. But trust me, I have tried and tested the method, and I could not spot anything fishy.

How to Get WhatsApp Dark Mode on Desktops Running on macOS or Windows

First and foremost, let us start by thanking “M4heshd,” a XDA member who has developed the styling mod dubbed as WADark that can turn on WhatsApp dark mode on desktop. As per the developer, the theme will not interfere with any other underlying code. Further, it is an open-source and secure code that you can see and build yourself as well.

It is not a third-party client, so your messages and data are safe and sound. See, nothing fishy here. However, the method carries a few limitations so lets discuss those before we move ahead.

Considerations Before You Turn On or Turn Off WhatsApp Dark Mode on Desktop

  • WhatsApp Web App – The code runs only for the app that has been downloaded from WhatsApp’s official website. The script will not work with the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store’s versions.
  • Download WADark – Well, this one obvious! You have to download the theme for GitHub. It would be a zipped file, so extract its content in advance to keep the process smooth.

Quick Access:

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How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Mac or Windows

Step #1. Open the WhatsApp Web app on your Mac or Windows.

Step #2. Scan the code on screen to log in or skip the step if you are already logged in.

Scan The Code and Login in WhatsApp Web on Mac

Step #3. Now, run the styling mod – WADark (Mac) or WADark.exe (Windows).

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Open WADark to Add Dark Mode on WhatsApp on Mac

Note: Your computer might stop the file from running as it an external file.

Click on OK to Close "Can't be Open Error" on Mac

Give the necessary permissions or change your security settings to allow the mod to run.

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Click on Apple Logo and Open System Preferences on Mac

Click on Security and Privacy in macOS System Preferences

Click on Open Anyway in General Tab in Security and Privacy on Mac

Click to Open WADark to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web on Mac

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Step #4. The program will take a few seconds.

Process Will Start to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web on Mac

Once done, your WhatsApp Web app shall automatically pop-up with a new stylish Dark Mode.

Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web on Mac

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I must admit, I quite like the feel of this new theme on my WhatsApp Web. Though, the developer suggests that we should not delete the script folder after the installation. As the coding is such that the script automatically creates a backup of your original WhatsApp source. Yes!! This allows you to revert back to the original version, whenever you want.

How to Disable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Mac or Windows 

Step #1. Make sure you are logged in to Whatsapp Web on your Mac or Windows PC.

Step #2. Run the styling mod – WADark (Mac) or WADark.exe (PC).

Click on WADark to Disable WhatsApp Dark Mode

Step #3. The terminal window/command prompt will ask if you want to restore the backup file. Type Y and Enter.

Type 'Y' and Enter in macOS Terminal to Restore WhatsApp Light Mode

Step #4. Allow the mod to run, and after some time, WhatsApp Web will pop-up with Light Mode.

Process Will Start to Remove Dark Mode from WhatsApp Web on Mac

WhatsApp Open with Light Mode on Mac

It’s time to go on the Darker side 

After enabling Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web, I am desperately missing the theme on my mobile app. So much so, that I am planning to start a petition, demanding WhatsApp to hurry up. After all most all other apps have it, even Facebook Messenger supports the feature.

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