Those 20% and 10% battery warnings are saviors no doubt but they’re annoying too. Right in the middle of a game, a call or even a FaceTime chat, when you get these low battery warnings, it just stops everything you do on the iPhone. They’re very much like those age-old notification alerts from the past (iOS 3+).

But how do you get rid of it? Search for it high and low in the Notification settings (Settings → Notifications) but you’ll not find any possible way to switch off these alerts. Besides, it’s not really recommended that you switch them off because if that notification didn’t come up, we all probably would end up with dead iPhones almost every day. So that brings us to finding a good solution. It’s called “LowPowerBanner.”


LowPowerBanner is a Cydia tweak (available on BigBoss, free) that prevents the annoying low battery warning notification and instead, just gives you the rolling notification alert (like the ones for messages).

This makes it easier for the user – especially if you’re in the midst of a FaceTime or a game. With LowPowerBanner, you can also customize when the notification shows up.

Once you install LowPowerBanner, you can tweak its settings from under SettingsLowPowerBanner.

With LowPowerBanner, you can:

#1. Set custom battery percentage limits for notifications. This way, you can skip notifications for 20% and instead have them for 15%, 10%, and 5%. Oh yeah, you can have them for any value that you want. 1%? 9%? Got ’em!

#2. Completely disable the main warning alert that blocks the screen. Instead, the notification merely shows up as an alert from the top that rolls into oblivion once shown.

#3. Set custom alert tones and set or unset vibrations for the alerts.

#4. Also set alerts when the iPhone is plugged in although I don’t see how this would be useful.