For fans of the share widgets on iOS 6’s notification center, iOS 7 had a bad news: no share widgets (“Tap to” widgets) any more. Facebook and Twitter are still options in the share sheet for individual apps but if you are missing the “Tap to” widget, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, jailbreaking changes these things for iOS 7. A new tweak “Share Widget for iOS 7” lets you add Facebook and Twitter share widgets – the same as in iOS 6 – right on the Notification Center. Here’s more.

For highly-active social media status updaters, the “Tap to” widget is a faster way to update a status on one of your popular social channels – Facebook or Twitter – and keep going. This was a feature in iOS 6 which Apple decided to remove in iOS 7. I don’t know what prompted them to remove it but people who relied on this do miss the feature a lot.

Get Back Twitter and Facebook Share NC Widgets in iOS 7 with Share Widget for iOS 7

Share Widget for iOS 7 brings the feature back. Right under the Today tab in Notification Center, you’ll find Twitter and Facebook buttons tapping which opens the familiar share sheet. Of course, you will need to configure them in the first place: Settings → Share Widget for iOS 7. The tweak also lets you add Weibo and Tencent (Chinese social networks).

Setting up Share Widget for iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

If you have Notification Center enabled on the Lockscreen, you can still access these buttons from the Notification Center.

Some folks point out that the correct place for these widgets should be the Control Center. After all, the Notification Center should be only a place for the notifications, not actions. Nevertheless, seeing as it is that the Control Center is filled already and the older share widgets resided in the NC, there’s no harm.

You can also move around the widget under the Notification Center settings. The ideal position will be right under the weather and traffic information. (Next Destination).

Share Widget for iOS 7 is a free tweak available from the BigBoss repo. You should try it.