If you've used the Facebook and Twitter share widget in iOS 6 extensively, you must be missing the feature big time in iOS 7. If you've been following the jailbreak community news, you know the solution already.

With a jailbroken iOS device, you can put back the “tap to” share widgets on the Notification Center – or more aptly, on the Control Center. There are tweaks that let you put these share widgets so that you can quickly compose a Facebook or Twitter status.

On the Notification Center
If, at the thought of sharing a status update on Facebook/Twitter, your fingers instantly pull down the Notification Center a la iOS 6-style, you'd probably feel very comfortable using Share Widgets for iOS 7. This is a free tweak up on the BigBoss repo that puts “tap to” widgets on the Notification Center.

Facebook and Twitter Share Widget for iOS 7

Configuration for this tweak is simple: head over to Settings → Share Widgets for iOS 7 and you can toggle four services that include Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. All these are shown as buttons reminiscent of iOS 6-style Notification Center share widgets.

You can tweak the position of these widgets by heading over to Settings → Notification Center and changing the order of the tweak under INCLUDE.

On the Control Center
A more suitable position for a share widget on iOS 7 would be the Control Center which already has actionable toggles and the like. Thankfully, there is a tweak that does let you put share widgets in the Control Center too.

From Cydia, you will have to:

  • Search and download CCLoader (free tweak, BigBoss repo)
  • After installing the tweak, you have to search and install Share Widget for Control Center (free tweak, BigBoss repo) which is an add-on for CCLoader.
  • Once you have installed both, go to Settings → CCLoader and change the position of ‘Share Widget' to suit your style. Now, swipe up the Control Center and you should find Facebook and Twitter as large clickable buttons. These will open the share sheet where you can type a status message and post to Facebook/Twitter.

There are some red-flags for CCLoader if you're using other tweaks that impact the control center in some way. For instance, if you're using FlipControlCenter or Cloaky, the tweaks might conflict and end up rendering the Control Center useless. Just make sure tweaks don't apply varying effects to the control center elements.

Folks over at iDownloadBlog also posted about using CCToggles to add Facebook/Twitter share widgets to the Control Center. It's a slightly lengthy process than the previous ones but it has one big advantage of fusing the share widgets icons with the shortcut icons already in Control Center. Pretty neat.