If there’s one thing eagerly awaited, it’s probably the Apple Watch. Out of what has been demoed so far, we’ve seen the UI of the Apple Watch – a cluster of circular icons for the apps that you can zoom in/out on and swipe across. From the videos of the demo, it looks like a beautiful interface.

How about trying it on your iPhone/iPad? Thanks to an iOS developer (and to the jailbreak community), we can now test-drive Apple Watch’s springboard right on our iPhones using a tweak called WatchSpring. At the time of writing this, the tweak isn’t up on any repo (which would make it easy to install), so here’s how to install WatchSpring.

How to Get Apple Watch UI On iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

How to Get Apple Watch’s UI On Your iPhone 6/6 Plus using WatchSpring Cydia Tweak

Cydia Substrate + Springboard Tweaks

Before we jump into this, you have to make sure there are no tweaks that modify the Springboard. For some reason, WatchSpring will only work if it’s installed before other Springboard-related tweaks.

One way to ensure this happens is by removing all Springboard related tweaks. The easiest option is to do this:

You will be asked to respring the device once. Then, re-install Cydia Substrate via Cydia.

Note: If you can install and run FileZa file manager on your iPhone, head straight to this section. It’s the simplest way.

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Copying the .deb to AutoInstall

Next up, we’re going to copy the tweak’s installation file (.deb file) to your iPhone/iPad. There are a variety of methods to do this. We’ll pick one of the easiest.

You can use any client like FileZilla, WinSCP, iFunbox to copy the .deb file (which we’ll download in a moment) to your iDevice. In our case, we used FileZilla.

  • Download this file to your computer.
  • Make sure your computer and the iPhone/iPad are on the same network.
  • Find out the IP address of your iPhone/iPad (Settings → Wi-fi → Tap on the blue “i” next to the selected Wi-fi network → note down the IP address).
  • Use the SSH/FTP client (FileZilla, WinSCP etc.) to access your iPhone’s file system. (username = root and password = alpine)
  • Now, on your iPhone’s file system, navigate to Media/Cydia/AutoInstall
  • From your local disk (computer), copy the downlaoded .deb file to the AutoInstall folder on your iDevice.
  • Quit the SSH/FTP program.

Installing the .deb

You have now copied the installation file to your iPhone. Time to install.

There are two ways to install the file now:

  1. The easiest is to reboot / respring your device TWICE.
  2. The other method is to “ssh” into your iPhone via terminal and use the dpkg command. Here’s an explanation of how to do that:
  • Make sure both your iPhone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Note your iPhone’s IP Address
  • Open terminal on your Mac (or Linux). For Windows, use the built-in terminal of WinSCP app (accessible via Ctrl+T from within the app).
  • Type ssh root@ (replace the IP address following root@ with the one you noted in the previous step) and hit return
  • Enter the password (alpine)
  • Next, type cd Media/Cydia/AutoInstall and hit return
  • Now, type dpkg -i gg.ki.TestHook1_1.0-2_iphoneos-arm.deb

That’s it. Respring/Reboot your device (make sure it’s charging/plugged-in) and you should see the Apple Watch UI on the homescreen.

Alternative Methods (FileZa)

If only iFile was available right now, you could skip all the steps and install the tweak almost instantly. Thankfully, there’s FileZa, an alternative for iFile.

You can download FileZa from Cydia. Once you do that:

  • Go to this page in Safari (on iPhone/iPad)
  • Download the file named “gg.ki.TestHook1_1.0-2_iphoneos-arm.deb”
  • Open FileZa
  • From Downloads, find the file you just downloaded.
  • Open the file and you will be shown an option to Install

This will install the WatchSpring tweak. You will have to reboot/respring to get the tweak to work. Important: Make sure your iPhone is plugged in (charging) when you respring/reboot.

Safe Mode?

There’s a very big chance that your device jumps into Safe Mode after you install the tweak and respring. This could be caused due to:

  • Springboard tweaks: if you had installed any other Springboard-related tweak before, this will cause issues. Remove them, re-install Cydia Substrate and then install WatchSpring first. Then continue with other tweaks.
  • Winterboard themes: disable everything in Winterboard.
  • Plugged in iPhone while respring/reboot: This is what worked for us. Make sure your iPhone is plugged in (to your PC or to the wall charger) when you reboot/respring after installing the .deb.
  • Older version of Cydia Substrate: re-installing Cydia Substrate will fix this.

Apple Watch Prototype (Just the UI)

There’s also a non-functional prototype interface that you can try. (However, it’s not functional, which means tapping on icons doesn’t open the app)

To install this, you need to add this repo to Cydia: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/lamerz. After this, look for a tweak called Apple Watch Springboard and install it. This will install a standalone icon on the homescreen. Tap that and you will see an Apple Watch UI.

Closing Thoughts

Since we’re still in the developer-stages of Pangu, Cydia in other libraries, there’s a strong chance that the tweaks you install are buggy occasionally. While many users have reported that WatchSpring works fine, results vary and you might not get the tweak to work as intended. Give it some time.

  • mjkwak

    By the way I changed my Barrel action to NONE, and it worked! Thanks.

  • mjkwak

    When I installed it, the device (iPhone 5) says the springboard crashed. (Safe Mode) However, when I try to launch Cydia, I get infinite loading…so I can’t uninstall any previous tweaks

  • Cal

    How do you uninstall

    • Good question! After you install, the package shows up in Cydia as
      ‘WatchSpring’ .. tap on Cydia->Installed and you should see it. Then,
      tap on it and uninstall

  • Samir

    Tried the method mentioned above. Got the funtional Watch UI on my iPhone 6. But only purchased apps appeared. All iOS native apps are missing. Phone, Messages, Photos, Settings, Camera, etc are not there. Reboot/Respring did not help. Any clue to this situation? Thanks