How to Generate Secure Passwords Automatically in Safari on iOS 7 [iPhone and iPad]

You’ve setup iCloud Keychain, and you also know a few things about Safari’s password store and credit card memory. But like how it does on the desktop, Safari can suggest strong passwords for you and save them to the iCloud Keychain!

Although the feature is not universally applicable (at least, not yet), it is useful for all those times when you cannot make up a definitely secure password. In this short tutorial, we’ll look at generating secure passwords via Safari which will then, “automagically,” sync it to all your iCloud devices.

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Generate Secure Passwords Automatically in Safari in iOS 7

To enable this feature, you must first have iCloud Keychain setup.

Step #1. Open Safari and navigate to any website where you are asked to create a new user account.

Step #2. When you reach the password field, Safari shows a ‘Suggest Password’ link above the keypad.*

Safari Suggest Password

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Step #3. Tap on it and Safari will auto-generate a secure alphanumeric password. It will be shown in a dialog.

Step #4. Tap on ‘Use Suggested Password‘ to fill the password field with the auto-generated password. When you finally create the account,

Use Suggested Password on Safari

Safari will automatically push this info to all your iCloud devices via iCloud Keychain.

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*There is an exception to this. On websites that do not allow saved passwords, Safari cannot create/auto-generate a password. You get this message instead:

Cannot Create Password on Safari

In the wake of a lot of issues around internet security and snooping, having a strong password isn’t going to really protect you from prying eyes, but it is definitely one of the first lines of defense against random hacking.

A strong password is usually much more than just a bunch of random alphanumeric characters that you can remember. Most of us tend to “create” randomness but ultimately since we need to remember the passwords we use, end up creating patterns.

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Using auto-generated passwords helps you at least at one level of the defense: Safari creates a highly random password. iCloud Keychain and Safari’s auto-fill will make sure you don’t have to remember the password all the time.

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