How to Free up Storage on your iPhone to Install New Apps

It is highly annoying when your iPhone keeps running out of storage space, especially when you want to install new apps and do fun stuff with your phone. And why just apps; multimedia eats up a lot of storage too! Not anymore!

Most of the stuff that’s occupying a lot of space comes from what you never actually use: unused apps, a lot of music that you never hear, photos that you didn’t delete, videos that you downloaded or synced but never got around to watching more than once, etc.

How to Free up Storage on your iPhone to Install New Apps

#1. First things first, you really need to know what’s eating up your memory. Delete everything that’s not necessary! You can go to Settings > General > Usage and check out the apps chewing up your phone’s precious memory. As impulsive humans, we tend to download a lot of stuff we see but seldom use. Delete them.

#2. Remember those photos you took at that party? You took 10 different shots instead of 1 to make sure you got the right one. Delete the duplicates. Trust us, that sounds trivial but, iPhone photos and videos are HUGE! That’ll definitely make a difference.

#3. There are also times when you use apps daily (like Facebook or WhatsApp) that take up a lot of documents and data size. To clear the cache, you need to delete and reinstall the apps.

#4. There are also those games that you have already completed the levels for but don’t play anymore … delete them too.

#5. Clear up any unwanted music too.

#6. Your iPhone videos also occupy more space than you can image. By clearing them you can free up a signification amount of memory on your iPhone. The tip is to download Standard Definition Videos rather than HD videos when you use iPhone.

#7. The alternative to deleting your photos and videos is obviously to import them to your PC or Mac. The latest and most convenient option to transfer your photos is to use Dropbox or Google Drive.

#8. Do you use the internet a lot? Is Safari always open on your device? Then you might want to clear Safari’s cache and offline reading list. To do so: go to Settings > General > Usage > Safari and tap the Edit button on the top right. A red delete button will slide in next to “Offline Reading List,” from where you can delete your items. You can also delete Safari’s cache from Settings > Safari > and tap on Clear Cookies and Data. (also, check out what you can do in Safari’s “clear” settings here).

#9. Apart from this, iMessages, especially the ones with photo and video attachments, eat up a lot of space without immediately coming to your notice. You can delete iMessage threads or individual messages to clear up some space. Or you can also clear out just the media following this technique.

While running out of free space may seem like an unavoidable problem, there’s nothing you can’t fix. By using the built-in usage monitor thankfully you can keep an eye on where the storage is being used up. If you still keep running out of space constantly you might want to consider an iPhone with a higher storage capacity. If you have any other tips that you use to free up space, and we’ve missed them in the list, do share them with us in the comments below.