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It's always a safe thing to take routine backups in iTunes. It makes sure that you don't end up losing a ton of data in case of a data reset or a crash. The funnier thing is, because iTunes makes it super simple to backup your data every time you connect your iPhone to the system, people usually think it's all fine.

And then one fine day you find that there's not enough space on your hard-drive; you find that you've got to remove data from the hard disk manually to free up some space.

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Free Up Space By Removing iTunes Backup Manually on PC and Mac
That's when you realize that those iTunes backups are actually costing a lot of space on your drive.

iTunes does a wonderful job of backing up almost all your data on your iOS device but it can also end up eating up a lot of space because it saves individual copies for each backup it creates. This means, there are plenty of backup files you can restore from but in most cases, you're going to use the most recent (latest). The rest of them are just there, gobbling up space.

Solution: remove these backups.

There are two ways to go about this.

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#1: You can remove backups directly from within iTunes. To do this:

Step 1: Open iTunes 11

Step 2: Hold Alt to reveal the menu, click on Edit

Step 3: Go to Preferences

iTunes Preferences

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Step 4: Click on the Devices tab.

iTunes Devices Tab

Step 5: You should see a list of backups now

Delete iTunes Backup

Step 6: You can simply choose the backup (Control+Click to select multiple) and then press “Delete Backup” to delete the selected backups. This will free-up space.

#2: The second method is to be used if you're comfortable getting into application folders.

Use this only if you think that iTunes isn't showing you all the backups.

  • In Mac, go to ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
  • For Windows, you should open Run (or click Start) and type %appdata% and press enter
  • The folder contains all the backup files that iTunes has got. Choose the ones that aren't required and delete.
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iTunes backups use up a lot of space depending on what content your iPhone/iDevice has got. If you've got a lot of photos, apps and music, the backup files would be large accordingly and multiple files of that type will eat up space from your drive.

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  • Sukh

    Hello there
    I want to restore my iphone,, but when m trying to do this then a error occurred during restoring.”there is not enough space to backup your device” pls help me what to do because in my lap top more than 80 gb is free. I m trying so many time but nothing happened. Plss help me.

  • Dave

    Hello there
    I accidentally deleted a message thread and in the process of clearing room on my iPhone to allow for a restore point – I accidentally synced the phone again creating a “new” back up point.

    Is there a way of finding the “old” iTunes back up on my PC as I’ve just lost 6 months of message thread and I don’t use iCloud to back up – so I’m assuming I have no option there either



  • Dandrul

    Thanks Chandra for the very easy explanation. Worked perfectly for me.