How To Format Text And Add Pictures in Notes App in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Notes app has got a welcoming boost in iOS 8 making it more useful than ever before. You can now format/modify text and insert pictures into notes. The enhancement seems to have added a new feather into its cap.

It’s not that Notes app was irrelevant earlier; it is just that the newest operating system has turned it into a more useful tool for users. From being an ordinary tool lacking the sophistication that Apple has been known for, it has now become versatile possessing plenty of features of high quality.

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How to Format Text in Notes App in iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Notes app.

Tap On Notes App on iPhone

Step #2. Open any existing note or create a new one (if you haven’t done so far.)

Create New Note in Notes App on iPhone

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Step #3. Tap and hold on the word or text which you wish to modify.

Tap and hold on-the word or text which you wish to modify

(Here, tap on Select to format a particular word and tap on Select All to format the entire text.)

Step #4. Tap on “B I U” ( Bold, Italic, Underline.)

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Format Bold Italic Text in Notes App in iOS 8

Step #5. Now, format the text as you desire.

Step #6. In the end, tap on Done (top right.)

That’s it!

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How To add pictures In Notes App on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Lauch Notes app.

Step #2. Open the note in which you want to add pictures.

Step #3. Tap and hold anywhere you want to insert picture.

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Step #4. Tap on Insert Photo.

Insert Picture in Notes App in iOS 8

Step #5. Now, you will have the access to Camera roll. Select the picture you want to insert.

(If you want to insert the entire photos you have in Camera Roll, tap on All Photos—just in case.)

Step #6. Tap on Use.

That’s all! The picture has been inserted.

Watch out how to format text and add pictures to iOS 8 Notes app:

In all likelihood, you would like the much-improved Notes app. If you have synced all your Apple devices with the same iCloud account, the modified note will seamlessly appear in all devices. That’s indeed cool, right?

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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  1. The iPad Notes app’s “newest operating system” is an ongoing frustration: addresses, dates, telephone and account numbers, etc., now appear on the screen — and in print — in color and underscored instead of in all black. These productions look pretty sleazy.

    The areas can’t be reformatted; either the entire screen switches to maps or boxes spring up asking me to chose “face time audio,” etc. I’m assuming there’s some link with Contacts, but neither HP nor Comcast can help. I’ve unsuccessfully tried every possible combination of settings and checked user manuals to get it to print in black again . . . Can anybody please, please help?


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