Twitter is undoubtedly used by almost everyone these days. If you are a hardcore user of Twitter, then Tweetbot won't sound unfamiliar to you. We are assuming that Safari is your default browser. The real frustration starts when you are on your Mac and you come across a very nice tweet with a hyperlink in it.

Now, Twitter has really a bad habit of shortening the link to followed by a unique text which often results in errors and other glitches. The frustration doesn't end here, the show begins when you are dying to read the content but unable to open the page. Even if you are using the fastest internet on the Earth, sometimes the link won't open.

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How to Force Tweetbot for Mac to Open Links Directly in Safari

It's not that all the links end up with errors and glitches, but we cannot ignore that the frequency ratio of this shortened links is way too high. So what's the solution? The solution is really simple and very easy for a novice as well. All you'll need to do is to type a command on your Terminal in Mac. Follow the tutorial given below to kill this frustration forever.

How to Force Tweetbot for Mac to Open Links Directly in Safari using Terminal

Step #1. Launch Terminal on your Mac. (Launch Spotlight and then type Terminal in it, click on the result to launch).

Open Terminal on Mac

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Step #2. We won't force you to write the command because you might make a mistake, so here's the code that you have to copy and paste it in Terminal:

defaults write com.tapbots.TweetbotMac OpenURLsDirectly YES

Force Tweetbot for Mac to Open Links Directly in Safari using Terminal

Step #3. Are you still reading this? Okay then, just hit Enter and you are good to go.

Now just give it a try by clicking the shortened link from Twitter and let us know in comments whether it worked or not.

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