How to Force Quit Apps in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

With the introduction of watchOS 3, the method of force quitting apps in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch has been changed a bit. Here is how you can force quit an unresponsive app quickly.

watchOS 3 is really the much-needed shot in the arm for Apple Watch. With seven times faster speed, apps run a lot smoothly on the Watch. To me, it’s a big deal.

However, if any app suddenly gets stuck or stops responding at all. You can quickly fix it by force quitting the app. With watchOS 3, the process of force quitting an app has slightly been changed. Let’s find out!

How to Force Quit Apps in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

How to Force Quit Apps in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Earlier, you had to just double click the side button to force quit an app. Now, Digital Crown has come into the play as play.

Step #1. Simply open the app you wish to force quit (Start with the second step if the app is already open on your Apple Watch but not responding.)

Open App That You Want to Force Quit in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Step #2. Press and hold the Dock button until you the shutdown screen appears.

Press Dock Button in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Step #3. Now, you need to press the Digital Crown. The app will now force quit.

Force Quit App in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

That’s it!

Launch the app in question. It should begin to respond as usual.

If the app is still stuck, you need to reboot your Watch. Simply hold down the side button until the shutdown option shows up on the screen. Tap on Power Off to reboot your Watch.

At times, even after rebooting your wearable device, the app might not respond properly. In such cases, you will have to delete the app and then reinstall it via the iPhone Watch app.

watchOS 3 seems to have perfectly passed the acid test of Apple Watch users. Personally, what I like most about the latest watchOS is the speed. Earlier, apps used to run rather slowly on the watch. The lagging speed of apps would often turn me off. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case now.

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