How to Float a Note in the Notes App on Mac

If you want to keep an eye on certain things with ease, floating a note in the Notes app on your Mac would be a fine option. Besides, you can also make your note appear on top of all other windows. Refer this tutorial to discover how it's done.

Whether I’m planning a great party, getting ready for a shopping spree or browsing the web to find certain things, I like to prepare notes to ensure I don’t forget any important things. To bring more convenience into the play, I float a note in the Notes app on Mac to quickly take a glance at all the pivotal stuff.

macOS allows you not just to float a note in the Notes apps but also lets you make your note appear on top of all other app windows. It’s an ideal way to track all the essential points you wish to keep in mind while navigating through web pages or browsing through the things you want to purchase for your upcoming party. Without making much ado, let’s discover how it works.

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How to Float a Note in the Notes app on Mac

Step #1. Launch Notes app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, you need to select a note.

Step #3. Next, click the Window menu and select Float Selected Note.

Select Note and Select Float Selected Note on Mac

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Note: Alternately, you can double-click a note in the sidebar to make it float.

Double-click the Note to Make it Float on Mac

Now, the selected note will get its own window. It would help you check out all the things in the particular note a bit more conveniently. You can choose to have multiple note windows opened at a time.

If you ever want to dock the floated note, simply close it.

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Making your note window appear on top of all the app windows is just as straightforward.

How to Keep Note on Top of All Other Windows on Mac

Step #1. Open Notes app on your Mac and then double click on any note to float it.

Step #2. Ensure that the window of your newly floated note is selected.

Step #3. Click on the Window menu and select Float on Top.

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Float Note on Top on Mac

Your note will now show up on top of all other windows.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping up

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It’s one of the easiest ways to keep a close watch on things you don’t wish to give a miss. Let us know your feedback about this hack.

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