iPhone Keyboard Sluggish and Lagging after iOS 7.1 Update? Here’s a fix

While iOS 7.1 brought, officially, a host of performance upgrades for iPhones and iPads, it has its own set of kinks to work out. One of the prominent ones that a lot of users have reported about is a slow and sluggish keyboard. We noticed it specifically on older devices.

If the keyboard lags after the iOS 7.1 update, you can generally get it back in top shape by resetting the keyboard settings. Here’s how to do that correctly along with more information on what to do if that doesn’t work.

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Reset the Keyboard:

  • Go to Settings → General → Reset
  • Tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iDevice

Reboot your iPhone and test how the keyboard performs. If it works fine, you’re done with the troubleshooting.

That didn’t work, so what’s next?

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If resetting the keyboard dictionary did not work (as it did for a lot of people), here’s what you need to try.

Try Removing Extra Keyboards:

  • Go to Settings → General → Keyboard
  • Swipe left on any extra keyboard you have added and tap Delete
  • (You can re-add the keyboard later)
  • Reboot your iPhone and test the keyboard now. Does it work snappy or does it lag?

How to Remove Keyboards on iPhone & iPad

Resetting all Settings:

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If it doesn’t hurt much, you could also reset the whole settings. This impacts everything but it doesn’t remove any data. (Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings)

If nothing works, restore is your only option. This is especially true if you did an OTA upgrade to iOS 7.1. Plug your iPhone to the computer and restore to iOS 7.1 as new. Before you restore the backup, test the keyboard and make sure it works good. Then, restore from backup to get back all your data.

When you backup and then find that the keyboard begins to lag, you can be sure that something out of the backup is creating the problem. In one case, a user pointed out that a contact had a very lengthy entry for the Job field. Such inconsistencies are also known to cause keyboard lags.

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