By default, Whatsapp on iOS 7 saves all incoming media to your iPhone’s camera roll. But that’s provided you allowed Whatsapp to access the Photos app (to save the photos to the camera roll album).

If, for some reason, Whatsapp stops saving photos and videos to the camera roll, there are two places you have to check to make sure it’s not disabled. Here’s what you need to do when you are facing this problem.

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Can't Save Whatsapp Photos-Video to Camera Roll on iPhone

Before we proceed with any of the fixes, make sure you have updated Whatsapp to the latest version. Open the App Store and tap on Updates menu to make sure Whatsapp is not waiting to be updated. If it is, tap on Update to get the latest version of Whatsapp for iOS.

1. Enable Save Incoming Media

  • Open Whatsapp on your iPhone
  • Tap on the Settings menu (cog icon on the bottom)
  • Tap on Chat Settings
  • Enable the switch for Save Incoming Media if it’s disabled/turned off.

Save Whatsapp Photos Video to Camera Roll on iPhone

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Ask your friend to send a photo/video over Whatsapp to test if it gets saved to the camera roll. If it does, the problem’s solved. If not, head to the next step.

2. Privacy Settings

Sometimes, even when you have the Save Incoming Media enabled, Whatsapp cannot save photos/videos to the camera roll. That’s mostly because you have prevented Whatsapp from accessing the Photos app. This might have happened even accidentally when you tapped ‘Dont Allow’ when a popup (asking for permission to let Whatsapp access Photos app) showed up.

  • Go to Settings → Privacy → Photos
  • In the list of apps shown, make sure Whatsapp’s switch is enabled
  • Quit Whataspp if it’s open. Re-launch the app. Ask your friend to send a photo and see if it gets saved to the camera roll.

Privacy Settings for Whatsapp

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If both these fail, one of the things you might try is deleting Whatsapp completely (you have the option of backing up from within Whatsapp’s Settings menu). Then, re-install the app and in the process, when iPhone asks if you should let Whatsapp access Photos app, “allow” it.