iPhone Not Charging (Accessory not certified)? Here’s What to Try:

Resolving the “accessory not certified” issue has caused severe headaches in our camp. Apple’s iOS 7 threw a lot of third-party accessories off-guard by not supporting them. The most major hit was to charging cables – both lightning and 30-pin – that stopped charging iOS devices.

Using unauthorized third-party chargers is not recommended for security reasons. We’ve seen a lot of reports about iPhones going up in flames – causing not just injuries but also death – due to “fake” Apple chargers.

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In view of this, it’s understandable why Apple enforces MFi (made for iDevice) license so vehemently and builds software that prevents accessories from charging the device.

Fix: iPhone Not Charging (Accessory not certified)? Here’s What to Try:

But what about those really safe cables that are cheaper than Apple’s lightning cable that don’t get the MFi support just because the manufacturer didn’t agree to Apple’s paper policy?

If you upgraded to iOS 7 and suddenly found that the cable that you used to charge your iPhone/iPad now doesn’t charge (with the “Accessory not certified” error showing up), what do you do?

There are only two legit ways of getting out of this problem. It falls very much in line with Apple’s “my way or highway” policy: buy Apple’s own lightning cable or, in case of an older device, the 30-pin dock. Of course, that’s the costliest way too.

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The other way is to buy an MFi-certified accessory. Which again is an avoidable option if only there was some way you can use your existing charging cable. And that’s precisely what we tried to look at.

One method that has been working on and off for some users has made the rounds for quite some time:

Step #1. Plug the cable into the wall-charger. Don’t plug it to the iPhone yet.

Step #2. Now, turn off the iPhone and when you see the loading wheel spinning, plug the charger.

Step #3. Let the iPhone be connected to the charger for a while. Don’t switch it on.

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Step #4. After about ten or twenty minutes, turn it on. Dismiss the warnings if there are any. The charging should mostly continue without a problem.

We tried other workarounds and one of them worked intermittently:

  • Respring your iDevice (if you are jailbroken, this is easy with tweaks like Purge or SwitchSpring)
  • While the iPhone goes through the respring, plug the charging cable.
  • When the iPhone homescreen comes up, don’t dismiss the warning. Just disconnect the cable.
  • Reconnect the cable again. If there is no warning and the iPhone is being charged, great. If there is a warning, dismiss it and see if the charging continues. Repeat, if not.

But this is a serious problem with cheap cables that you grab off Amazon or eBay. If the cable doesn’t come with MFi certification, it’s going to cause a headache as you try to charge your device.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


    • What if I actually like and want premium products? Just because you’re happy with Android doesn’t mean that everyone is like you.

      We’re all different, you can rage about it as much as you want, but it’s stupid to do so. Every time you mindlessly say bad things about a category of products you insult everyone that uses them.

      For no reason other than to reinforce your own choice. Think about that for a while. If you have the ability to.

      We don’t all have to like what you like. I for one do not want an Android phone, I’ve had two, for now that’s enough for me.

      Ironically I probably took advantage of Android more than you did. Which is why I get why people like it and why it’s a cool and necessary OS on the market, even if I preffer IOS. You seem not to have the ability to see beyond your own narrow mind.

      • Because someone disagrees with you and has an opinion, does not make them narrow-minded. It’s understandable for even the most devoted of Apple users to be upset with their domineering methods of controlling their customers and forcing them to buy overpriced accessories. I have a MacBook Pro that I love. I also have an iPod (32 gb) and an iPhone 5s (8gb). That’s three Apple products. I also recommended them to family and my brother now owns a Macbook Air, as does my mom. Our whole family has iPhones now too (varying models from 4s to 6). However, it is irksome to upgrade and find out that any third-party accessories and cables no longer work. It’s understandable for us to be upset by this.

  1. There’s a much easier solution. The reason the cheap chargers stop working, is because of weak connections. I had the same problem, cleaned my iphone 5 charger socket with a paperclip, there was a ton of lint from my jeans and shorts over the course of a year. After I cleaned it out, the chargers worked better than new. Hope that helps!

  2. I own an ipod mini, iphone 4, and iphone 5. Last year, I made the switch to android and have been much happier with the prices, products and software. Yesterday I dusted off the iphone 5 after not using it for a long time and charged it up, then did a software update, now it will not charge. Forward search the web, try this, try that, Blah Blah BlahI, shake fist at Apple. I don’t ever see myself buying an Apple product again.

    • Ive seriously considered switching to android because of all this charger crap with apple. Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t stand android, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have to spend as much on chargers.

  3. what I have tried is to plug the fake charger directly to the wall AC, no extension cord connection. I has worked that way.

  4. All you talked about was the iPhone. You did not say anything about IPads! My IPad charger doesn’t work. I troubleshooted. The cause is not the wall socket. I tried different cords. They work fine on my mom’s IPad but they both don’t work on mine. Now what. I did update to IO7 on a side note.

    • Maybe for you. Congratz. But not for me. I tried your suggestion and was greeted with the “This device is not supported” failure message.

  5. iPhone 30-pin cables are 30cm long, and that’s short. You can get a 6′ cable but it’s not supported and they get the error message that they aren’t supported. Cheap cables causing fires? Really? Where are the newspaper stories? Maybe I don’t read, lol, or maybe there aren’t any (many newspaper stories, but you would think that there would be. Maybe I missed them. Or maybe thios is a fairytale.

  6. Why the hell doesn’t Apple just certify them? That’s just bs. Some people can’t afford to buy a brand new apple charger every month because they’re old one died. I’ve gone through like ten Five Below chargers in the past month because I get the error messages after just a few days of use. Judging by what I hear from android users, chargers don’t just fail like that for them. It’s almost like apple wants to cause more trouble, like when iTunes acted like a virus on your computer, or when iOS 8 screwed everything up and caused countless problems on Apple devices.

    • Be smart! forget about apple and their worms! if you don’t buy another certified and nice buljit*, they will go down and forget about their policy.

  7. I just wanted to know if there has been any new developments regarding this issue. I updated to iOS 9 on 11/18/2015 and have been getting this message on my iPhone 5S. I have used MFI and the original apple lightning cable, nothing works. I even cleaned the socket, still nothing. I am sitting with a dead iPhone as we speak

  8. There are other solutions than paying full premium or spending hours to find the few MFI certified cables. We believe that 30cm cables are just the beginning and people need 60cm and 90cm cables that reach around to a night desk or coffee table. Users should use their cables with no error messages and no length constraints.

  9. I have an iphone 6 (iOS 8.4) and tried to use it in a car adapter with an original cable, but faced this message.

    In that time I didn’t worry about, but then I cannot charger anymore, even in other working source power that I already used (a power bank, ipad charger, usb pc).

    Using another cable charged the iphone. It seems the phone saved some cable identification and blocked it. I tried all these solutions but nothing worked for me, I will try to test this cable in other devices and maybe a hard reset on the phone… someone?



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