Update: Mobile Substrate has been updated to be compatible with iOS 7. Here’s the scoop on it and how you can upgrade now. You don’t need to install this library (Mobile Substrate Fix). If you have already installed, you can safely remove it.

A lot of you are having trouble with Cydia tweaks on iOS 7 devices. We’ve been getting a lot of comments regarding this issue and we’ve only been able to tell you that it’s a Mobile Substrate-related issue and will be fixed as soon as Saurik posts an update to the library.

However, there were some recent developments on Reddit that we were following. There was one MS Reload Fix which Saurik vehemently and strongly asked readers to stay away from. But there’s another tweak which has Saurik’s stamp of approval so let’s use that to fix any issues arising out of Mobile Substrate.

Fix MobileSubstrate Issues in iOS 7 with Mobile Substrate Fix Cydia Tweak

So this tweak “Mobile Substrate Fix” works only on jailbreak devices that used Evasi0n7 1.0.1. If not, you will have to install the Evasi0n7 untether 0.2 tweak before proceeding. The untether 2.0 tweak can be found in Cydia (search for “evasi0n7.x untether”) and once you’ve installed it, head over to the next section.

Installing Mobile Substrate Fix

  • Open CydiaManageSources
  • Tap on Edit and then tap on Add
  • Enter this url: http://parrotgeek.net/repo
  • Tap on Add Source
  • Let Cydia refresh.
  • With the new package added, tap on it. (Cydia → Manage → Sources → Tap on the parrotgeek repo)
  • Find Mobile Substrate Fix and install it.

Reboot the iDevice after the tweak installs.

According to Saurik, the Mobile Substrate Fix implements a change pretty much the way he himself wanted to implement which is why it got his seal of approval on Reddit. A fix for the issue actually came up much earlier in the form of MS Reload Fix but we had to wait a while to see how the response was. Incidentally, Saurik talked – quite a bit – about why it was an unsafe tweak. Let’s spare the technical details here: suffice it to say that the implementation was going to hurt the processes. Anyway, Mobile Substrate Fix seems to be working good for a lot of users.

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