Location service is the biggest culprit for draining your iPhone or iPad battery running on iOS 9. We had already published the guide to disable Location Service in iOS 8. The process is almost identical apart from some minor changes.

To make things easier for you in iOS 9, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to fix this. There are three ways to get rid of this problem: one is to completely disable the service, second is to select System Services to stop using Location service and last is to disable certain apps from using Location Service. Let’s check out.

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Location Services Always ON

How to Fix Location Services Always ON on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone → Tap on Privacy.

Tap on Settings Then Privacy on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Location Services.

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Tap on Location Services on iPhone

Step #3. Now simply toggle off “Location Services”. This will completely disable the service.

Turn Off Location Services on iPhone

Now, if you want to use Location Service but only with some of your specific System Services, then follow the below given steps.

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How to Disable System Services from Using Location Service in iOS 9 on iPhone/iPad

Follow first two steps as above.

Step #3. If the Location Services is toggled OFF, then toggle it ON.

Step #4. Now tap on “System Services”.

Tap on System Services on iPhone

Step #5. You will now have a list of System Services using Location Service. Toggle OFF services that you don’t need. Out of the list of system services, one of the most battery draining services is “Diagnostic & Usage” and it is recommended toggling it OFF.

Turn Off Diagnostic & Usage on iPhone

Apart from System Services, you can also customize which app uses Location Service. To do so, refer the small guide given below.

How to Disable Apps from Using Location Service on iPhone/iPad in iOS 9

Step #1. Tap on Settings → Tap on Privacy.

Step #2. Tap on Location Services.

Step #3. Now tap on the app you want to prevent from using Location service and then tap on “Never”.

Tap on App You Want to Disable Location ServiceStop iPhone App Using Location Service

That’s all; you can follow either one of the above guide or all of them, depending on your requirements. With the help of this customization, you can have full control on what services or app accesses your location.

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