This is an old problem but probably worth revisiting every once in a while when people jailbreak, or install Winterboard themes and get to what’s called the white-icon problem.

If your iPhone homescreen shows empty, missing or white icons in place of regular app icons, you need to fix this cache-related error. Obviously, this is a very common problem that can happen mostly when you are trying out Winterboard themes.

So how do we fix white icons and missing icons issue after jailbreaking?

The answer is in a Cydia tweak. iWipe Cache.

How to Fix It White Icons and Missing Icons After Jailbreaking

iWipe Cache is a free tweak that clears Winterboard cache errors thereby clearing the white icon problem. Being an age-old problem, it’s hardly going to appear if you are using Evas1on to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad but just in case you see white icons, empty icons or blank regions, you might have to try iWipe Cache.

Winterboard for all its glory does have a few issues, battery being one of the chief problems. The other one is where the icons aren’t cached correctly so when you install or change a new theme in Winterboard, you end up with white icons in place of regular ones.

With iWipe Cache, all you do is install the tweak. Once you’re done, tap on iWipe Cache.

The iPhone/iPad will do a respring. Unlike a normal respring though, iWipe Cache will clear the cache which essentially irons out the white icon problem.

On a similar note, there’s also the Cydia shrink/small screen problem which can be solved by following these steps. If you are jailbreaking through evas1on, there’s a strong chance that you run into one of the few Cydia errors, fixes for which can be found here.

iWipe Cache is available as a free download on ModMyi repo.