How To Fix iOS 8.2 Battery Issues: Possible Tricks To Resolve This Problem Instantly

Ask any Apple fans regarding what they expect the most from the Cupertino-based company to bring to its iPhones, iPad or Apple Watch, one of the most common answers you would get is “a much improved battery life”. Whenever Apple introduces either any new product like Apple Watch or unveil the next versions of its iOS or OS X, users keep on pinning on the hopes of a robust battery that would go for at least a couple of days. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t been quite able to live up to millions of fans expectations in terms of having an ultra-powerful battery in its devices.

Just recently Apple introduced iOS 8.2 with many bug fixes and enhancements such as, the ability to sync with Apple Watch. However, many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners have reported that the battery of their device drains unbelievably fast after updating to iOS 8.2. This sudden jump in the consumption of battery might be due to the addition of some new features in Health app. Of course, there could be other miscellaneous reasons as well but we can’t rule it out. Here are some possible solutions to fix iOS 8.2 battery issue. Let’s know more!

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How to Fix iOS 8.2 Battery Life IssuesSolution #1

Turn off Fitness Tracking

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Scroll down and tap on Privacy.

iOS 8 Privacy Setings in iPhone 6Step #2. Tap on “Motion and Fitness.

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Tap on Motion And Fitness in iPhone Privacy SettingsStep #3. Turn off Fitness Tracking.

Turn Off Fitness Tracking on iPhone 6Below are some well-known tricks which can help improve iOS 8.2 battery issue on your iPhone. Let’s have a hurried glance at them too as they have the potential to resolve this power draining issue!

Solution #2

Disable Location Services

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With the use of GPS, Bluetooth, mobile tower or Wi-Fi, Location Services determine your location. It can be one of the prime reasons of the rapid battery consumption.

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Scroll down and tap on Privacy.

iOS 8 Privacy Setings in iPhone 6Step #2. Turn off Location Services.

Location Services in iOS 8.2 on iPhone 6Turn Off Location Services in iOS 8.2 on iPhone 6Solution #3

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Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Disabling Auto-Brightness can help your device save plenty of battery. If you are concerned about increasing battery life of your iPhone, it should be better to turn it off.

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Tap on Display & Brightness.

Display Brightness Settings in iOS 8.2 on iPhoneStep #2. Turn off Auto-Brightness.

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Turn Off Auto Brightness in iPhone 6Note: You can also set Brightness to its minimum use. Just toggle it towards the left side to make sure it’s just at its needed position.

Solution #4

Turn Off Zoom

Zoom magnifies the whole screen of your iPhone. It’s a pretty useful feature but can eat into a lot of battery.

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Step #1. Go to Settings app → Tap on General

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on Accessibility → Tap on Zoom under Vision

Zoom Options in iPhoneStep #3. Turn off Zoom

Turn Off Zoom in iOS 8.2 on iPhoneThat’s all!

Assuming these above mentioned solutions can solve the battery issue on your iPhone. You can also disable some power consuming apps temporarily by going to Settings → GeneralUsageBattery Usage → and turning off the apps which eat up most power. It won’t be a perfect solution though, but it can be effective in assisting you conserve more battery on your iPhone.

View Battery Usage for Apps in iOS 8.2 on iPhone

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