Every time you refresh Cydia's packages, if you are getting a ‘Failed to Fetch […]' error, blame it on a repo that no longer exists but is listed in Sources. With iOS 7 jailbreak done, you might be facing this error all too often because of a non-existent Ultrasn0w package.

Removing it fixes the error (along with other errors that might show up due to missing repos or packages). In this short tutorial, you'll remove the package that's causing the error which says, “Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored or old ones used instead.”

How to Fix Failed to Fetch Cydia Error

How to Fix “Failed to Fetch” Error in Cydia:

(Cydia has been updated to 1.1.9. Here's how you can upgrade right away)

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Manage
  • Tap on Sources
  • Now, tap on Edit from the top
  • See the “Dev Team on the list? Tap on the “minus” sign on the left of it.
  • Now tap on the Delete button to remove the repo.
  • This is the repo that has the non-existent Ultrasn0w tweak (used for unlocking). When you remove it, Cydia stops checking this repo or trying to access it every time it refreshes the package.
  • Once done, restart Cydia and refresh the packages. Errors shouldn't crop up now.

As on writing this, since this is a new firmware and a new jailbreak – without a few totally compatible Cydia packages like Mobile Substrate – you might also encounter other errors during runtime/installation.

One common error we have faced is while installing a new tweak, sometimes, it cancels the progress throwing some error. In most cases, we've been able to bypass this error by re-installing the tweak after a while or respringing the device before installing the tweak again. Again, I think this problem will continue for a short time till we have stable, compatible, tailor-made builds of Mobile Substrate and other libraries that make the tweaks work.

Update: Mobile Substrate has been updated to be fully compatible with iOS 7. Click here to read more about upgrading to the new Substrate.

Do check out our post on Jailbreak-related errors for more coverage on this.