How to Fix Dim Screen of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: There are 6 Ways to Fix It

These six handy solutions are exactly what you should use to easily fix the dim screen of your iPhone 7/7 Plus. Let’s cut the chase!

What happened to my iPhone screen? Why has the screen turned so dim? Are there some easy solutions to fix the dim screen of iPhone 7/7Plus?

Yes, you can troubleshoot the dark screen of your iPhone. However, you will have to try out a few solutions to the issue could be due to not just software glitch but also messy configurations. Let me walk along with you through the guide!

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How to Fix Dim Screen of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

How to Fix Dim Screen of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • Have you adjusted brightness properly? Make sure you have properly adjusted the brightness level on your iPhone. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then drag the brightness slider to the right/left to adjust it.
  • Reboot Your iPhone: The simplest and quickest way to fix some minor issues like freezing of the touchscreen is to reboot the device. Hence, it’s worth giving a try.

Just press and hold on the ON/OFF button and volume down button simultaneously until Apple logo shows up on the screen.

Solution #1: Disable Auto-Brightness

Auto-Brightness uses a light sensor to adjust the brightness of your device based on the surroundings. Sometimes, it may not be able to adjust the brightness level perfectly. As a result, the screen of your device may be too bright or too dim.

Step #1. Settings → Display & Brightness.

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Tap on Settings then Display & Brightness on iPhone

Step #2. Turn off Auto-Brightness.

Turn Off Auto-Brightness on iPhone

Solution #2: Disable Invert Colors, Color Filters

Invert Colors and Color Filters are the very helpful feature for the people with less visibility or color-blindness. If someone has unknowingly enabled them on your iPhone, the screen would be dark.

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Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Color Filters and turn off the switch.

Tap on Display Accommodations in iPhone SettingsTap on Color Filters in iPhone SettingsTurn Off Color Filters in iPhone Settings

Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Now, toggle off the switch next to Invert Color.

Tap on Display Accommodations in iPhone SettingsTurn Off Invert Color in iPhone Settings

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Solution #3: Disable Reduce White Point

When Reduce White Point is enabled, the intensity of bright colors will be lowered on your device.

Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodation → disable the switch next to Reduce White Point.

Tap on Display Accommodations in iPhone SettingsTurn Off Reduct White Point in iPhone Settings

Solution #4. Turn off Reduce Transparency

It allows you to improve contrast by decreasing transparency. Turning it off might help.

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Step #1. Tap on Settings → General → Accessibility.

Tap on General then Accessibility on iPhone 7 Plus

Step #2. Tap on Increase Contrast.

Tap on Increase Contrast in iPhone Settings

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Step #3.  Turn Off Reduce Transparency. Also, make sure to turn off the switch next to Darken Colors as well.

Turn Off Reduce Transparency on iPhone 7 Plus

Solution #5. Reset All Settings

Reset your iPhone to factory setting if you are yet to fix this issue. It doesn’t delete any data or media stored on your device.

Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.

Tap on Reset All Settings on iPhoneConfirm Reset All Settings on iPhone in iOS 10

Solution #6: What if nothing works

Have all the solutions mentioned above failed to resolve the problem? Then, update your iPhone to the latest version. It’s better to keep the device up-to-date for the smooth-sailing experience.

Settings → General → Software Update.

Just in case the problem continues even after the software update, contact Apple for help.

Wrap Up

The dim screen issue is easy to fix as it’s most likely due to wrong configurations. I’m sure these solutions can work in resolving the problem. I would be very glad if you share any trick that can troubleshoot it.

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