After you jailbreak, you’ll mostly find a ton of Cydia errors when you try to install packages. Sometimes, errors just crop up without you doing anything (other than open Cydia). Most of the time, the errors are server/source-based so you’ll just need to wait sometime before trying again: the errors disappear themselves.

Occasionally though, errors are caused because you add an invalid repo, try to access tweaks that are no longer available at the source or may be due to server time outs and connectivity problems. We drew up a list of most popular errors that people face (we faced a lot of these in the initial days of the jailbreak and later). Here’s for you:

Fix Cydia Errors

Error: POSIX Error: Operation Timed Out or POSIX: Socket is not connected
Internet connection may not be working correctly. Something may be wrong with the source (or repo).

Solution: Check data network/connectivity. If that’s fine, try again sometime later.

Error: NetDB: Open nodename nor servername provided, or not known.
This again is mostly a problem with connectivity or server issues at the source. More often than not, I’ve seen that NetDB is usually a problem with servers at source.

Solution: The only option is to try again after sometime. NetDB error is quite common immediately after the jailbreak and Cydia downloads (right after the floodgates are opened).

Error: Hash Sum Mismatch Error
Hash Sum Mismatch is a wildly popular error that many people face. Notably when you try to install IPA files. The main cause is because the download files don’t match the file on the server (source). This happens when the file didn’t get downloaded fully (incomplete downloads) or if the developer has changed files on the server.

Solution: Remove the package and do a fresh install. If the problem persists, you’re going to be looking at alternatives to the file in question.

Error: Cydia shrinks/ Cydia small screen problem
Mostly due to incompatible tweaks. If you installed tweaks that are incompatible, the next time you open Cydia, you might mostly get this error.

Solution: Thanks to one of our readers, we covered this in an entire post.

Error: HTTP/1.0 403 This package is either paid or requires a paid package to function. If you paid: contact for help. If not, purchase the original package.

There are three reasons you could get this error:

  1. You are trying to download a package that is paid but you haven’t paid for it yet.
  2. You are trying to download an add-on to a paid package (like IntelliscreenX) but you haven’t got the original package at all.
  3. You’ve paid for the package but you still get the error.

Solution: If it’s the last case (#3), you should contact the developer (details are given in the package information page). Yes, although it’s mentioned that you should contact saurik, you better contact the developer directly.
For other cases, you know the solution: you have to purchase the package and then try downloading it. For add-ons, the same applies. Purchase the package first and then try to install the add-ons.

Error: HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
Quite obviously, this is an issue with the server at source. This could be because the server is down (at the source), or there’s some maintenance going on, or there’s a lot of traffic that the server isn’t able to handle.

Solution: Simple: try again later.

Error: Bzip2 Error
(in many cases, this error appears too: “Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.”)
This error usually occurs because the source you added in the repo isn’t working fine. This may be temporary or permanent depending upon the status of the source.

Solution: Try removing the issue-causing repo/source and then adding it again. Make sure you enter the correct URL. If the problem continues, remove the source and forget about it!

Error: I wasn’t able to locate file for the [package] package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.
The best explanation offered for this is that Cydia needs to update itself.

Solution: If Cydia is refreshing itself, let it happen. It reloads. And then don’t use Cydia right away. Exit and quit the application from the task-switcher. Now, get back into Cydia and try downloading the package again. It should mostly work.

Error: Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of.
Cydia can handle up to 65,535 packages at a time. This means if you’ve got more, you’re going to get this error. Mostly because you added too many repos with too many packages.

Solution: Most of your tweaks are going to be on the large community repos (BigBoss, Modmyi, ZodTTD/MacCiti). When you add new repos, add trusted ones that don’t add a lot of packages to Cydia.

Error: Stock Weather App Force-closes
This is not actually a Cydia error. This error belongs to Evasion jailbreak. The reason cited is that the jailbreak tinkered with the file.

Solution: There are a few fixes for this but I guess the easiest would be to download the UIKit Tools. Or just go to this post to fix the weather app crashing problem.

  • After Evasi0n 1.2 JB on iPhone 4 & iOS 6.1. Cydia Tweaks installed – Activator & SBsettings only.
    On evevry manual restart the crash report for ‘Sandbox-Blue Tool’ just keeps growing-2 per restart.
    Is this normal /safe ? I have restored & jailbroken the second time, Should i revert to stock iOS ?