How to Fix A Broken iPhone Screen: A DIY Resource And Recommendation

There’s nothing more earth-shattering than a shattered iPhone screen. Smartphones are usually pricey and the iPhone – many would agree – are insanely so. Accidents can be usually avoided – with cases, defender boxes etc. – but what happens when accidents do happen and you find yourself with a broken iPhone?

Under warranty, a broken iPhone screen would still cost you. Apple would replace the device if you’re under AppleCare and AppleCare+ will cost you to the tune of $50-$100 depending on the damage.

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How to Fix A Broken iPhone Screen

There are three cheaper ways you can fix a cracked iPhone home screen, though. Not all are cheaper by the money but sometimes by the time you’d have to spend fretting about the shattered glass.

Here are your options

#1. Get it fixed by a third-party mechanic.

#2. Fix it yourself with necessary tools and resources from iFixit/DirectFix.

#3. Fix it yourself with YouTube videos and tools bought from Amazon!

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Here’s how much each of those options would cost you

  • Third-party fix: about $100-$150; one or two days at best (the repair takes an hour or so.)
  • iFixit/DirectFix: cost of materials: $100 or so; time: 1-2 hours of DIY repair.
  • Videos+Amazon tools: $30 maximum, $15 minimum; 1-2 hours of DIY repair.

Our Recommendations

If you’ve tinkered a bit with the innards of your computer, calculator or any other electronic equipment, and can manage screws with patience, we suggest that you get stuff from Amazon/iFixit and fix the cracked screen yourself.

If you are absolutely scared about doing things yourself, and you can’t afford to take it to the Apple store to get it replaced, a third-party fix would be your only option. However, consider this: a third-party fix will still cost you an arm and a leg. Maybe you can do it yourself. There are plenty of videos that will guide you through and it’s not as hard as it’s often made out to be.

Video/Image Resources

iPhone 5

iMore has a complete take on fixing the iPhone 5 screen. There are several images following the step-by-step tutorials along with the video of the entire process. This should be your one-stop resource should you decide to get a broken iPhone 5 screen replaced.
Go right here.

iPhone 4S

If it’s the iPhone 4S screen that you’re looking to replace, here’s the official iFixit guide. Note that these folks will be using their tools so if you’re using tools from elsewhere, make sure you’ve got the right one.

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The parts are sold at a whopping $100 (you get cheaper parts on Amazon, with the same quality). But if you are specific about a branded product, this is still a good choice.

iPhone 4

Oh, that’s going to be easy now. Broke your iPhone 4 screen? This resource will help you:
iFixit’s guide.

Where can I find the tools and the spare parts?

That’s all, guys!

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