How to Find WhatsApp Chat Messages on iPhone and Android

In a day, you receive many WhatsApp chat messages on your iPhone or Android phone. Hardly you care about those greetings like ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’. But some important messages certainly force you to go back and check. You may wish to find your WhatsApp chat in case your office colleague has sent you an important task. In this situation, you need to search your WhatsApp chat messages on iPhones and Android phones.

How difficult is it to find those old conversations or messages? Well, that is pretty much easy. Note the slight difference between searching WhatsApp chat on your iOS and Android devices. I will go through the process of finding messages in WhatsApp on both devices.

How to Search WhatsApp Chat Messages on iPhone and Android

How to Find Specific Word in WhatsApp Message History on iPhone

One of the benefits of using this trick is that you can find previous messages without scrolling the screen up/down.

Step #1. First off, launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.

Launch WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap on any contact name or group in which you want to find old conversations or any key phrase/term/word.

Tap on any contact name or group in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #3. Now tap on Contact name or Group name appears.

Tap on WhatsApp Contact or Group name on iPhone

Step #4. Under Starred Messages, tap on Chat Search.

Tap on Chat Search in WhatsApp on iPhone

This will take you back to the conversation screen for that contact or group.

Step #5. Here, you can type the key phrase or word in ‘Search’ area.

Your key phrase or word will appear in the yellow background. You can scroll up and down to search other instances of the same phrase by tapping up and down arrow appears above the keyboard.

Search WhatsApp conversation you had with your contacts on iPhone

How to Search Through WhatsApp Chat for Particular Word/Phrase on Android Phone

Step #1. Open WhatsApp → tap on a particular chat or group → tap on three vertical dots seen on the upper right corner.

Tap on Three vertical dots in WhatsApp Group Chat on Android

Step #2. From the drop-down menu, tap on Search and then type the key phrase or word in the search field.

Select Search option in WhatsApp on Android

Step #3. The search term will appear in the yellow background. You can continue finding that phrase by tapping on up and down arrow appears next to the search field.

Search your WhatsApp chat messages on Android phone

Find WhatsApp Chat Messages on iPhone or Android

Sometimes, we tend to remember just a word or phrase from the WhatsApp conversations but have no idea about contact or group name in which the phrase or term was used. You can still search specific word in your WhatsApp chat messages.

Step #1. Open your WhatsApp on your iPhone and use the search field appears on top of all contacts and group names.

Tap on Search field in WhatsApp on iPhone

Android users have to tap on Search icon (magnifying glass) seen at top right corner.

Tap on Search icon in WhatsApp on Android

Step #2. Then type the word or phrase you want to search in WhatsApp conversations. Note that if it is a common term, you have to explore different conversation threads shown on your WhatsApp.

Type the word you want to search in WhatsApp conversations on iPhone or AndroidThat’s all, folks!

Signing off…

WhatsApp is now universally accepted as a medium of communication and people are using this chat client to share their important data as well. With so much importance given to WhatsApp, it is wise of any user to find specific threads or random conversations on WhatsApp.

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