With the release of iOS 9, Apple introduced a new feature called Wi-Fi Assist. The primary job of the feature was to deliver seamless internet connectivity on your iPhone by switching to Mobile data when WiFi range gets poorer. Earlier we covered the topic on how to turn on Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone, the feature did not go as expected, as many users were presented with huge bills on their card. Some of them even sued Apple for this.

This is the reason Apple made some enhancement in the feature with iOS 9.3 and introduced a small option to check the Mobile Data usage incurred by Wi-Fi Assist. It’s pretty simple process to check the same, but even then, we have mentioned below a step-by-step process, just follow it and start tracking mobile data used by Wi-Fi Assist.

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How to Find Mobile Data Used by Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

How to Find Mobile Data Used by Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone in iOS 9.3

Step #1. Launch the Settings app from your iPhone Home Screen.

Tap on Settings on iDevice

Step #2. Now tap on “Mobile/Cellular.”

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Tap on Cellular Mobile in iPhone Settings

Step #3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. There you will notice WiFi Assist option and below that you will see the data usage.

Find Mobile Data Used by WiFi Assist on iPhone

That’s it; you can now keep a close watch on Wi-Fi Assist Mobile data usage. It is also recommended that you turn this feature off if you are not using any mobile data pack on your iPhone. That’s because you might end up with the huge monthly bill without even knowing about the usage.

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