How to Find a New Location in Maps App on Apple Watch

For long Apple Maps app has been criticized for being inaccurate or simply not being up to the mark. Google Maps has long been the preferred option for iOS users and continues to give a tough competition to the Apple Maps app. However, with the arrival of Apple Watch, the Maps app has assumed more significance due only to a number of user-friendly features and more improved accuracy in showing places or directions.

With Apple Watch, finding or searching a new place is an instant affair. Through turn-by-turn guide, the Maps app helps you get to your direction. Whenever any turn comes up, the Watch taps you on your wrist. As for instance, if you have to turn right, the Watch will tap on your wrist twelve times. Similarly, if you feel three pairs of two gentle taps on your wrist, you would need to turn first left.How to Find Location on Apple Watch Maps App

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Have you tried to search for any new location in Maps app on your Apple Watch? Let’s experience it together!

Step #1. Launch Maps app on your Apple Watch.

Step #2. Force Touch on the screen.

Step #3. You will have two options:

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  • Search: To let you search a new location as well as the places which you have already searched.
  • Contacts: To let you search the address of the persons who are in your contacts.

Depending on your need, you can select any of the two options. Let’s tap on Search.

Step #4. Now, you have to dictate the Map to find the location. Tap on the Dictation button with the microphone icon and speak the name of the place which you want to find out. Your Apple Watch would dictate the address. You need to tap on Done, if the address is right.

(Just in case, you don’t find it convenient enough to search a location on your Apple Watch, you can use your paired iPhone to help you out. Your Apple Watch would display the directions and places which you search on your iPhone.)

Step #5. All the necessary details such as, phone number, rating and address of the place would appear on the screen. Scroll down by rotating the Digital Crown.

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Next up, you would have the option to select how you want to reach to your desired place. For example, you need to choose, walking or driving or public transport. Choose any option as per your convenience.

Step #6. Tap on Start.

Your Watch would tap on your wrist whenever any turn comes up. Follow the instructions of the watch and go ahead towards your direction. You can check out the ETA time from the top left corner of the directions screen to find out how long you still have to go.

That’s it!

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If you think that you have come near to the place where you are going and hence you don’t want to have any instructions regarding the directions from Apple Watch, Force Touch on your Watch screen and tap on Stop Directions. It will save some good battery on your watch.

Do you think that Apple Maps app has improved? What are the areas where you think the Maps app still needs to work on to get better?

Jignesh Padhiyar
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