How to Find iPhone Using Apple Watch By Lighting up the iPhone Flash

In case you misplace your iPhone in the dark, then you can light up the flash on it with your Apple Watch. Just follow the steps given below.

We don’t often misplace our iPhone, but when we do, we go berserk to find it back. The things get a lot tough if it is silent and there’s no possible way then to look everywhere like a crazy treasure hunter. If you have an Apple Watch paired with it, then we have already posted the article, which helps you find your iPhone with Apple Watch.

That method is certainly useful as it plays a loud sound on your iPhone, making it almost impossible to ignore. But the same thing cannot be possible if you have misplaced your iPhone in the dark. You might listen to the loud sound, but won’t be able to trace it because of the dark.

Fortunately, there’s one more way to find your misplaced iPhone with Apple Watch. The flashlight on the back is the wonderful instrument, which can be used to find the iPhone. Here we will guide you how to light up the flashlight on your iPhone with Apple Watch. Just follow the guide and get your iPhone back.

How to Find iPhone Using Apple Watch By Lighting up the iPhone Flash

Step #1: Swipe up on the screen of your Apple Watch to bring the glance.

Swipe Up Watch Face on Apple Watch

Step #2: Now tap on the Settings glance.

Step #3: Finally tap and hold the “Ping” icon.

Find iPhone using Apple Watch

That’s it; your iPhone will alert with a sound and also flashes the light, making it traceable easily in the dark. So from now, whenever you misplace your iPhone, make sure you at least your Apple Watch handy.

Please note that flash will light up only if, your iPhone is locked.

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