How to find iBooks library location on Mac

How to find your iBooks library location on Mac

While iTunes makes it easy to store music in your selected path on Mac, where exactly are iBooks stored? Well, they’re slightly hidden, and hence you will have to dig a bit to get there. Though you can’t change the iBooks library location, you have the option to browse it manually. Based on how you have stored them, here are 2 ways to find the iBooks library location on your Mac. Let’s have a look.

Note: If you delete or rename files, it will disorganize your iBooks library. So, avoid making any changes to them. You can also sync iBooks on iPhone and Mac.

 How to find iBooks library location in macOS

  1. Click on ‘Go‘ from the Finders top menu. Now from the dropdown, click ‘Go to Folder‘.Click on Go to Folder from Finders menu on Mac
  2. In the popup window, enter ~/Library/Containers/ and click Go.Enter the code to find iBooks library location on Mac
  3. This will take you to a new finder window with three subfolders. To access your iBooks, double click and open the Books folder.To access your iBooks, open the Books folder on Mac

Find iBooks location for iCloud Imported Resources

When you import a readable ePUB or PDF file to iBooks/Apple Books, your app auto-syncs them with iCloud to make them accessible from your connected Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You need to note; these files are bundled and stored separately compared to your regular iBooks.

The pathway to finding them is similar, as mentioned above. However, you may choose to copy and store them to create a copy in your system.

How to back up and changing files in your iBooks library

You can copy and paste your stored iBooks from the above location into the desired folder. However, it is recommended you don’t delete, rename, or make any other change, as it may impact your library structure negatively.

Just in case you want to delete an eBook or rename it, consider doing the same using the iBooks app for iPhone.

Q. Are iBooks stored in the Cloud?

Your ePub, PDF, iBooks author titles are auto-synced in the Cloud and can be accessed anytime you want. You may also choose to copy and paste them at your desired location on Mac.

Q. Are books free on Apple Books?

Apple Books or iBooks is home to millions of reads, including paid, free, and discounted. You can choose to get to the free section and see if you can find a good read.

Q. How do I sync iBooks between iPhone and Mac?

Go to iPhone Settings → scroll down and tap Books → toggle on iCloud Drive (if it’s not already on). Next, launch Books on your Mac → select the Books menu → click Preferences → make sure the General tab is selected, if not already. Then you need to check the box for Sync bookmarks, highlights, and collections across devices. And it’s done!

Q. Is Apple books the same as iBooks?

Yes, it’s the same. Apple changed started calling iBooks Apple Books after the release of iOS 12. This was the same time they made few other enhancements in the iBooks experience.

Ready to find your iBooks library location on Mac?

iBooks or Apple Books on iPhone and iPad is an excellent way to read no matter where you are. However, reading could be difficult on a smaller screen, and using Mac to surpass this can serve a huge purpose. If you were facing the same, I hope the steps mentioned above proved to be of help. In case there’s anything else I can help you with, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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