Filter iMessages from Unknown Senders on iPhone in iOS 9 [How-to]

Today's quick tip for iOS 9 users is to filter iMessages from unknown sender into different message inbox. There is no rocket science, it's very simple. Just follow the guide below.

iMessage is one of the best features of iOS because it does not cost you any money, when you send an SMS. Though you need to have internet access, else standard SMS charges apply. One more condition is that your recipient needs to have an iOS device in order to receive the iMessage. This feature is more convenient as nowadays almost all of us are connected to either Wi-Fi or we have subscribed for data plan.

Although it’s a very essential feature, there are certain drawbacks. One of them is receiving iMessage from unknown senders. There is a feature in iOS 9, which automatically transfers iMessages from unknown sender to a different message inbox.

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How to Filter iMessages from Unknown Sender on iPhone

To enable this option you will not need any technical knowledge. The process is really very short and sweet. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to filter iMessages from unknown sender in iOS 9.

How to Filter iMessages from Unknown Sender on iPhone in iOS 9

Step #1. Locate and tap on Settings app.

Open Settings App on iPhone

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Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Messages.

Tap on Messages from iPhone Settings

Step #3. Scroll to the bottom and you will see, “Filter Unknown Senders“. Simply Toggle it on.

Turn On Filter Unknown Senders on iPhone

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There you are, all the iMessages you receive from now on will automatically move to a separate inbox. From there you can either keep them or just delete them all.

To view messages from unknown senders, open Messages App and tap on Unknown Senders.

Filter Messages from Unknown Senders on iPhone

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