I make sure to read several helpful reviews before purchasing anything. It assists me in buying the things that are timed to my needs or preference. If you also like to weigh things before spending your dollar, you would be glad to know that iOS 11.3 or later lets you filter App Store reviews on your iPhone and iPad.

Based on need, you can choose to get the most helpful or the most recent reviews. And just in case, you wish to keep an eye on some of the glaring drawbacks, you also have the option to select most critical reviews starting with one star.

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How to Filter App Store Reviews on iPhone and iPad

How to Filter App Store Reviews on iPhone and iPad

Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11.3 or later.

Step #1. Launch App Store device.

Open App Store on iPhone or iPad

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Step #2. Now, navigate to your favorite app or game.

Go to App or Game in App Store on iPhone or iPad

Step #3.  On the item’s page, you need to tap on the link See All which is located Ratings & Reviews section.

Tap on See All in App or Game on App Store on iPhone or iPad

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Next up, tap the link Sort By and select the preferred filtering option.

  • Most Helpful: To get the reviews with the most helpful feedback.
  • Most Favorable: To have the highest-rated reviews.
  • Most Critical: To display the lowest-rated reviews.
  • Most Recent: Get the most recent reviews.

Filter App Store Reviews on iPhone and iPad

Generally, it’s better to go through both the good and bad side of the story to have a balanced perspective. Hence, I would recommend you to never fail to check the most critical reviews if you want to be aware of some of the existing loopholes.

That’s all for now!

Wrapping up

That’s how you can quickly access the more helpful reviews about apps and games! Have any feedback? Do toss it up in the comments below.

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