Between opening up for developers, then closing down due to overwhelming response and then opening again, iWork for iCloud is now available for all users.

And with it comes a few interesting features that were missing so far. For beginners, there’s the ability to work on Pages, Numbers or Keynote documents from wherever you are using any device of your choice. Most notably, iWork for iCloud will let you create, edit and save documents across PCs, right on the web.

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Within iWork for iCloud, there are a few things that can come in handy when you want to make iWork documents more flexible to use.

How to Export or Save iWork Documents from iCloud

For starters, Apple lets you download whatever document you are working on in iWork for iCloud. And that’s nice because the export option is one of the most important things needed for anyone who’s working on docs. Be it Pages or Numbers or Keynote, you can export them all.

To export, follow the steps:

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  • Go to and login. If you’re not signed up for iWork, you might have to to and login.
  • Click on Pages or Numbers or Keynote to open documents within that particular iWork app
  • You will be shown a list of documents within the iWork app you selected.
  • Right click on the document you want to export or save.
  • Click on ‘Download document’
  • iWork for iCloud will show up three options to export the document as: Native, PDF and Microsoft-compatible. (For the Pages app, you will be shown: Pages, PDF, Word)
  • Click on the format you want to export the doc in.
  • Save the file to the desired location.

How to Export iWork Documents from iCloud

That’s it!

You can export all files to PDF through iWork for iCloud so this is more or less a cool PDF converter too now. Also, you can export to Microsoft-compatible formats of spreadsheet and powerpoint.

iWork for iCloud is on its way to becoming a hot property.

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