How to Export iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Videos

How to Export & Share iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Videos on Facebook, Instagram

Just like photo filters, it looks like when you export Slo-Mo videos out of your iPhone 5s, it usually doesn’t come out as intended. Unlike the photo filter issue though, it’s clear why when you export a slo-mo video, the slow motion part doesn’t come out at all. It’s a frame-rate thing.

Or that’s what we think it is. Nevertheless, you’ve got this wonderful slo-mo video and you want to upload it to Facebook or share it on Instagram or Vimeo, the new embedded-share feature in iOS 7.

The only problem: when you upload, the slow motion part renders as a normal video. How to fix this?

How to Export iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Videos & Share Them on Facebook/Instagram

The HD Option in YouTube, Facebook etc

When you upload a slo-mo video to websites like YouTube or Facebook, make sure you choose the HD option.

This ensures that the videos get uploaded in the highest quality which strangely seems to affect the slo-mo part of the video. A low version video does not get uploaded with the slo-mo effect applied.

When you are using the native share option, make sure you select HD where it’s available. In the case of a Facebook share, you have to choose Details → Large (HD).

Email To Yourself, Save & Upload

In the case of Instagram, the 120fps option looks like a problem as the service does not correctly recognize and read the videos. In this case, you have to export the video first to camera roll as a normal video (but with the slo-mo applied) and then upload it to Instagram/Vine.

The best way to do this is to email the video to yourself – again, going through the share option.

Next up, open that email and download the attachment on your iPhone or iPad. Save the attachment to Camera Roll (that’s an option when you open a media attachment on iPhone/iPad).

Once the video is saved, you can check to see if the slo-mo part got exported correctly.

This done, use the new video in your camera roll to upload it to services like Instagram and Vine.

That’s all, guys!

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