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Users with multiple iOS devices usually find iCloud to be a blessing of sorts. Here at iGB, we've found that managing contacts has been simplified, easier and far better than the usual iTunes sync now. All that has been possible thanks to iCloud.

But then, the little gadget freaks that we are, we also need to export our contacts to other devices that aren't part of the iFamily. So, in trying to figure out how I can export all the contacts I've got on my iPhone to an Android device (or just to take a local backup), I find – yet again – that there is a serious lack of control over the things you can do with the contacts on your iPhone.

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Note: Users who wish to have a local backup of their iCloud contacts would find this tutorial helpful. I often feel very secure in the knowledge that I have a local backup of my contacts on my desktop and somewhere in the cloud.

Basic things like being able to delete all contacts, import/export from within the Contacts, batch edit, duplicate removal – these aren't available and that's a turn-off. However, the iCloud.com website offers these features and that's kind of neat.

Here's how to export all your iPhone contacts from iCloud as vCard so you can easily import them to other devices and software like Android, Outlook, Windows Live etc.

Step 1: Go to iCloud.com on Firefox/Safari or a browser of your choice.

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Step 2: Enter your login details to login to your iCloud account. This is the same as your usual Apple ID username and password.

Step 3: Now, click on Contacts

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Click on Contacts in iCloud
Step 4: A list showing all your contacts should show up. In case you haven't backed up contacts data recently, on your iPhone, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Backup Now

Step 5: Back on your PC/Mac browser, click the little clog (settings) icon on the bottom left.

Step 6: Click “Select All” to select all the contacts

Select All Contacts in iCloud
Step 7: Now, click the clog again and press “Export vCard”

Export Contacts from iCloud as vCard
Step 8: You will given a save dialog: you can save the .vcf file to your desktop.

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The vcf file can be opened in a variety of applications. For instance, I had that copy-pasted to a microSD card and then got all the contacts back on my Android phone. Sure beats having to export contacts through any other way into my Google account.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

  • Radknight

    You should add ‘Download Safari’ first as I’ve tried this on every browser and it only saved the .vcf file via Safari. It’s in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

  • Nicole Auger

    Google Chrome will not work for this. I used IE and it worked just fine.

  • JoomlaOutsourceIndia.co.in

    Same for me, it did not work in Chrome or IE, tried in Safari and it worked. lol :P

  • BamBam

    Chrome didn’t work for me so I tried Safari and it worked like a dream! :)

  • Great article and just use Firefox and it will work for sure.

  • CYndi

    Nothing happen after I clicked “Export Vcard”. Btw… I’m using Chrome. Please help. Thx

  • Debbie Jackson

    I’ve tried doing the above and when I click ‘Export vCard’ the screen loads for a second or two and then refreshes back to the main Contacts folder. Every time. Help?

    • Josh

      Same problem…
      If anyone knows how to solve this please answer! :-)

      • Which browser do you use? We would recommend to export contacts on Chrome browser.

      • Jack

        Same problem here,
        Tried it with chrome and IE but i don’t get working…

    • Wolfgang Schweigert

      I had the same problem, but found an easy way to get a perfect export file. If using MAC add the iCloud account from what you need the export additional to your Contacts. Here you can do your export as you like. It works fine. As vCard or PDF format.

  • Sarah

    I have a group on my phone that says
    on my phone

    These numbers are not getting into my cloud when I do a backup to cloud.

    Any suggestions?

  • gman

    I tried exporting contacts from one iCloud to another with the vcard method and photos did not transfer when i imported the card to the new iCloud. Any ideas?

    • You can not transfer contact photos over vCard.

  • Bill

    Ok, when I click on “export vCard” in iCloud… Windows 7 does not produce a “Save Screen Window”… I have been trying to “export a vCard” from iCloud for over an hour now and can’t figure out why I am unable to “save” my vCard contact file to my windows 7 desktop??? Why do the major cell companies have to make transferring contacts across competing devices so frick’n ridiculously frustrating!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    • Which browser did you use? It seems have problem with Chrome. Where as it works just perfect on Firefox and Safari.

      • Bill

        Yes that was the issue!!! So frustrating when such a well known browser like Google Chrome has a bug in their browser programming!!!