How to Enable Wi-Fi calling In iOS 9 on iPhone

You just can’t mail your mom or convince your client on a Facebook chat. You need to make calls in some situations. But what if your calls are not connected, because of a lousy service provider?

Wi-Fi calling is the solution to this problem, and you can find this on your iPhone 6 with iOS 8 and iOS 9 installed. Truly, the iOS 9 has carried the legacy of amazing features.

A piece of information just before you initiate the process, so that you end up at the right place.

The feature is still new to the latest iOS version, so it may need a few more tries. Other thing is that only AT&T user can enjoy Wi-Fi calling on iOS 9. Other users should not lose patience and expect something better.

How to Turn On Wi-Fi Calling on iOS 9 on iPhone

 Step #1. Tap on Settings

Step #2. Tap on Phone from the list.

Step #3. Tap on Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi Calling Settings in iOS 9 on iPhone
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Step #4. Toggle the switch. A window will appear to ask for your confirmation to enable Wi-Fi calling? This will be followed by another window, showing Wi-Fi calling in blue.

Step #5. Tap Continue to start making calls through Wi-Fi.

Enable Wi-fi Calling on iPhone in iOS 9
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Before using the feature, there are some essentials you must be aware of. While using the Wi-Fi calling on iOS 9, if you are calling to Emergency services, it may take some time for the response as it includes a lengthier call set-up times. So better option is, use your regular service provider in this case.

Further, it will take some time for the WiFi indicator to show up next to the carrier name atop your device.

That’s it. Start making calls from the Wi-Fi calling on your iOS 9.