Siri is one of the best innovations in communication technology, a domain that has always welcome changing dynamics. We have already eulogized Siri’s abilities to change voice accent, enable Hey Siri handsfree mode, turn off Siri on Lockscreen etc.

Siri, with its intelligent features, is rightly called a mind reader. Here, we discuss one more excellent feature of Siri; it’s about how a user enables voice ID for Hey Siri on iPhone.

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How to Set Up Hey Siri Voice ID on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

If you have got the latest iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you will surely set up Hey Siri as you will have to pass through this procedure. Moreover, if you update your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 9, you can set up your voice ID.

How to Set Up Voice ID for Hey Siri on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 9

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on Your iPhone

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Step #2. Tap on Siri.

Tap on Siri in iPhone Settings

Here, if you find Hey Siri off, then turn it on. And if Hey Siri is on, toggle it OFF and toggle it ON again.

Tap on Allow Hey Siri on iPhone in iOS 9

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Step #3. Now tap on Set Up Now.

Tap on Set Up Now in Siri on iPhone

Step #4. Say “Hey Siri” when you are asked to.

Say Hey Siri on iPhone in iOS 9

Step #5. Say “Hey Siri” once again when you are prompted.

Say Hey Siri Again on iPhone

Step #6. Say “Hey Siri” again.

Say Hey Siri one More Time on iPhone

Step #7. Now ask Siri about weather: “Hey Siri, how is the weather?”

Say How's The Weather Today to Siri

Step #8. Finally, say “Hey Siri, it’s me”.

Say Hey Siri Its Me on iPhone Running iOS 9

Step #9. Tap on Done.

Tap on Done To Finish Siri Voice ID Set Up

Watch out how to turn on Voice ID for “Hey Siri” in iOS 9.x:

Hey Siri is smart enough to identify your voice, so when you plug in, Hey Siri will activate voice control on your iOS device only if it sounds like your voice.

Many users mistake Hey Siri as a security guard of their iPhones; but this is not the case. Hey Siri is meant to avoid any accidental activation or pranks. Hey Siri cannot protect your iPhone from any intrusion.

If you want to protect your phone’s privacy, you should better opt for Home button activation.

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So? Have you set up Siri Voice ID on your iPhone? Share your experience with us in comment, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.