How to Enable and Use Accessibility Shortcuts in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Want to use Accessibility perfectly on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10? Follow this easy guide to master Accessibility shortcuts.

Though Accessibility feature had always been exceptionally user-friendly, it has got even better with the additions of Magnifier, Color Filters, and more. Such a significant feature deserves special attention, doesn’t it?

In order to let you use Accessibility with optimum ease, Apple has provided “Accessibility Shortcut”. What makes it so handy is that it allows you to not just enable/disable your favorite Accessibility features just by triple-clicking the Home button of your iPhone or iPad but also makes it very easy to switch from one feature to the other.

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How to Enable and Use Accessibility Shortcut in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

How to Enable Accessibility Shortcut in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Settings app on your device → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhone 7 Plus

Step #2. Tap on Accessibility.

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Tap on Accessibility in iPhone 7 Plus Settings

Step #3. Now, tap on Accessibility Shortcut at the bottom.

Tap on Accessibility Shortcut in iOS 10

Step #4. On the next screen, there are seven options. You can select more than one Accessibility features at a time.

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Accessibility Shortcuts in iOS 10 on iPhone

  • Touch Accommodations: Allows you to adjust the way the screen of your iPhone responds to taps and holds.
  • VoiceOver: It allows you to make your iPhone speak contents on the screen.
  • Invert Colors: It inverts colors across your iPhone.
  • Color Filters: Change the color layout of your iPhone screen.
  • Reduce White Point: Reduces the intensity of bright colors.
  • Zoom: It zooms the Home screen along with other content to offer more visibility.
  • Switch Control: With switch control, you can use external switches and even the screen of your iPhone as a switch for motor accessibility.
  • AssistiveTouch: It’s perfectly designed for the people with motor impairments. With it you can control several hardware buttons and gesture controls easily.

 How to Use Accessibility Shortcut in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad

Simply triple-click the Home button of your iPhone. If you have selected only one option then the feature will be activated right away.

If you have selected more than one options, you will have to choose the feature you want to use. As for instance, just triple click the Home button and the select the option you want to use from the bottom menu.

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Use Accessibility Shortcuts in iOS 10 on iPhone

If you want to disable it, simply triple-click the Home button.

That’s it!

Now, it’s time to use these tips to make the most of Accessibility on your iPhone with more convenience.

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