How to Enable Two-Step Verification for Apple ID

To me, providing security to my Apple ID means a lot. Fortunately, Apple provides two superb ways to offer an immaculate safeguard to your account. And, if you are concerned about the security of your account, you must have a go at them. We have already made a post on how to turn on Two-Factor authentication for Apple ID. And now, it’s time to get started with the two step Verification.

How to Set Up Two-Step Verification for Apple ID on Mac

Step #1. First off, you have to sign into the Apple ID website.

Step #2. In the Security section, you need to click on Edit.

Step #3. Under 2 Step Verification, click on get started.

Step #4. Answer Security questions.

Step #5. Click on Continue again.

Step #6. Add your phone number and click on continue.

Alternatively, click on Verify.

Step #7. Save recovery key to the safe place and click on Continue thereafter re-enter the same code again and click on confirm.

Step #8. Finally, click on enable Two-Step Verification.

How to Turn Off Two-step verification for Apple ID

Step #1. Visit

Step #2. Click on edit under the security section.

Step #3. Click on Turn Off Two-Step Verification.

Step #4. Enter Answers of security questions and click on Continue.

Step #5. Confirm your date of birth click on continue Confirm your recovery email ID click on continue.

You will get the message “Two-step verification has been turned off” on your Mac.

Once it’s disabled, you will get an email confirming that two-step verification for your Apple ID has been turned off.

Knowing the significance of your account’s security, it would be better to keep it enabled in order to ward off the threats.

What do you think of Two-Step Verification? It would be nice to have your views in the comment.

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