How to Enable Three Finger Drag Gesture on Mac Trackpad in OS X El Capitan

You can turn your Mac's trackpad into a Mouse and click and drag windows, apps and icons. Read the following information and explore this beautiful feature.

Apple products can well be compared to natural mines, where one has to dig deep to find diamonds and other valuables. The more you dig, the better diamonds will you get. The case in point here is Mac, which is a designer’s delight; the system is widely used by developers and other professionals though.

So where is the diamond here? You can use your three fingers on Mac trackpad and create a drag gesture on Mac running on Mac X El Capitan. This feature can be helpful when your mouse fails to work properly due to some technical glitch or battery life issue. With this finger drag gesture, you can click and drag windows and other applications/icons on your Mac.

How to Enable Three Finger Drag Gesture on Mac Trackpad

Earlier this feature was found in Trackpad settings of System Preferences; but in the latest versions of Yosemite and El Capitan, you can find this feature in the deeper labyrinths of Mac, and therefore, you need to follow a few steps to use this awesome feature. This one is not as easy as you could have done by firmly pressing on keyboard in your iPhone 6s.

How to Enable Three Finger Drag Gesture on Mac Trackpad

Step #1. Launch System Preferences from Apple menu.

Click on System Preferences in Mac

Step #2. Click on Accessibility.

Click on Accessibility in Mac System Preferences

On left side navigation, you can see a list of options.

Step #3. Click on Mouse & Trackpad from the list.

Step #4. Now click on “Trackpad Options” button.

Click on Mouse & Trackpad in Accessibility on Mac

You can see a small dialog box on your Mac screen.

Step #5. Click on the Check Box before “Enable dragging”.

Click on Enable Dragging in Mac Accessibility

Step #6. From the drop-down menu next, select “three finger drag”.

Click on Three Finger Drag in Mac Accessibility

Step #7. Click on OK button.

Now you can close the dialog box and check this feature.

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