How to Enable Thesaurus in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Features like “Screen Time” and “Siri Shortcuts” have rightly taken away almost all the limelight in iOS 12. However, there are quite a few newbies including Oxford thesaurus of English that are worthy of attention. If you want to improve your vocabulary or like taking the help of the dictionary to understand a difficult word while reading articles, you should enable the new thesaurus in iOS 12.

Once you have activated it, you will be able to instantly find the synonyms and antonyms of a particular word. It can be very useful in letting you quickly get the right meaning of a word or context.

How to Download New Thesaurus on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 12

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device → Then, tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Next, scroll down and tap on Dictionary.

Tap on Dictionary in iOS 12 Settings

Step #3. Next up, tap on American English – Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus.

Download New Thesaurus on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 12

Now, the thesaurus will start downloading. Wait for a few moments until it’s been successfully downloaded.

How to Use Oxford thesaurus of English on iOS 12 Device

Once the thesaurus has been successfully downloaded, you can start using it.

Note: You can use this thesaurus feature in third-party writing apps and tools you have downloaded on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #1. Head over to the article you want to read.

Step #2. Now, select the word. To do so, simply touch and hold it.

And, choose Look Up in the popup.

Select Word and Choose Look Up on iPhone

Step #3. Next up, you should see the definition of the word. Check out the synonyms and antonyms of the word.

Check out synonyms and antonyms of the word on iPhone running iOS 12

If you want to dig a bit further, you can also search web. There is also an option to manage the dictionary. To do so, tap on Manage Dictionaries.

You can also search web and Manage Dictionaries on iPhone

Siri will also suggest contents that you might want to take a peek at.

Use Siri Suggested Websites on iPhone

Step #4. After you have taken the help of the dictionary, tap on Done at the top right to return to the article.

Tap on Done to return to the article on iPhone

That’s pretty much it!

Your take:

I truly welcome the addition of this rich dictionary. It’s going to enhance the reading experience. What’s your take on it?

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