The new Mac OS X El Capitan has bunch of new features and improvements that primarily focus on security and usability. The core improvement is made on user experience, giving better access to apps that are used frequently.

Split View is one of those core features. With the help of Split View you can multi-task on different apps on the same screen. This feature is useful for all types of users, whether they are professional accountant, artists or just students working on their college projects.

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How to Enable and Use Split View in Mac OS X El Capitan
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In this guide we will provide step-by-step guide on how to enable and manage Split View Windows.

How to Use Split View in Mac OS X El Capitan

Step #1. In any application Window, there will be a green button in the upper left corner. Click and hold it till the Window shrinks and gets highlighted.

Click on Green Button in Upper Left Corner on Mac

Step #2. Now drag and drop the screen to the right or left side of the highlighted area.

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Step #3. Go to the other app which you want to use simultaneously in Split View, and simply click on it to have a Split View.

How to Enable Split View in Mac OS X El Capitan through Mission Control

Step #1. Very first thing is to keep the apps open which you want to use in Split View.

Step #2. Open Mission Control from Launchpad or by pressing F3 on your Mac keyboard.

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Step #3. Drag one of the app Window to Mission Control bar, and drop it when you see a “+” sign.

Step #4. Now drag the other app Window in the same space as earlier, and you will notice the earlier app window will shrink.

Shrink Windows in Mac OS X El Capitan

Step #5. Click on the desktop in which you dropped your apps, and you will have a Split View.

Use Split View in Mac OS X El Capitan

Once you have completed your work in Split View, you can simply press the Escape button or the green full screen button to exit the Split View.

How to Resize the Split View Window in Mac OS X El Capitan

Once you are already in Split View, you can easily resize any of the Windows with just one click. To do so, please follow steps given below:

Step #1. Take your cursor between the two Windows.

Step #2. Notice the divider line between them, which is for resizing the Windows.

Step #3. Click and hold the divider line and drag it to left or right as per your requirement.

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