Quick Reply is an innovative feature in Messages app that Apple has brought with it in iOS 8. It lets users to reply to any messages directly from Notification Center itself. This unique feature is limited to only Messages apps and hence not allowed for any third party apps. But, what about getting it for WhatsApp?

How To Enable Quick Reply for WhatsApp in iOS 8 On iPhone

Nuntius is a Cydia tweak for iOS 8 that lets you reply WhatsApp messages right from Notification Center on your iPhone. Hence, you won’t need to go to WhatsApp to reply a message. Instead, you can do the same from Notification Center itself. Quite expedient, isn't it? Here is how to enable quick reply for WhatsApp on iPhone running iOS 8.

How To Enable Quick Reply for WhatsApp in iOS 8 On iPhone with Nuntius Cydia Tweak

Step #1. Nuntius is still in beta version. So, you will need to add this repo in Cydia sources and install this tweak from that repo. Once you install Nuntius, Quick Reply feature will be enabled for WhatsApp.

Install Repo for Nuntius Cydia Tweak

Step #2. When you get any WhatsApp message, slide down from the top of your iPhone's screen to bring Notification Center.

Step #3. Tap on Notifications from the top.

Step #4. Next up, you will see all the notifications lined up. Tap on the WhatsApp notification which you want to reply.

Nuntius Cydia Tweak for iOS 8

Step #5. Slide down to reveal the text field.

Enable Quick Reply for WhatsApp in iOS 8 On iPhone

Step #6. Type the message in the text field and then tap on Send.

That's all there is with it! Needless to jump all the way to the WhatsApp app to do the same.

No Configure Options or Preference Panels

The tweak doesn’t have any configure options or preference panels in Setting app. Whenever you get any WhatsApp message, there will be a quick reply interface. There are still some bugs with this tweak which are being tested. However, you can expect it to come fully prepared once it launches publicly.

  • Mohsin Sajjad

    its not working….
    it says “not compatible with the version of whatsapp you installed”

  • SingaporeIndian

    its not working on ios 8.3

    • Berlin Rodriguez

      Same. Pulldown doesn’t work at all.