How to Use Private Browsing on iOS 7 Safari for iPhone and iPad

It's a lot easier to use private browsing in iOS 7 Safari on iPhone and iPad. Here is the quick guide to let you enable and use it smartly.

Using private browsing on iOS 7 Safari for iPhone and iPad has become more straightforward now. Case in point, you no longer have to dig Settings to enable private browsing mode in Safari as you can get it done right from the web browser.

The option to enable incognito browsing in iOS 7 is slightly under the wraps. Yeah, when you launch Safari, you may stop for a moment wondering how to activate it. Follow through this quick guide to get started with this important feature!

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How to Enable Private Browsing Mode in iOS 7 Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Safari on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Tap on the tab icon (bottom left). This shows you the tabs that are open (in the new rolodex style.)

Step #3. On the bottom-right, you should see a text ‘Private.’

Step #4. Tap on this and Safari will ask you if you want to keep the tabs or close them all.

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Step #5. Keep All to continue browsing (but in private mode). Alternatively, you can also close the tabs.

Step #6. To disable private browsing mode: follow the steps again and tap on Private. You will notice that the dark-colored theme of Safari changes to the normal one. That’s the indication that you have disabled private browsing mode.

Enable Private Browsing on iOS 7 Safari on iPhone and iPad

How to Disable Private Browsing Mode in Safari on iPhone and iPad

At any time, you want to disable the incognito mode in Safari, you can easily get it done right from the web browser itself.

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Step #1. Launch Safari on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on the tabs icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step #3. Next, tap on Private at the bottom right corner.

Step #4. Now, choose either Close All (tabs) or Keep All (tabs) as per your need.

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Step #5. Finally, make sure to tap on Done at the bottom right corner to confirm the change.

This is one of those features that Apple simplified completely. Although I’d still point out that it’s kind of hidden in an unusual place (the tabs, really?), at least you’ve got easier access to enabling Private mode now.

Earlier, one had to go all through to Settings → Safari to enable private browsing. And enabling private browsing effectively killed the existing sessions too.

As with iOS 6, the moment you enable Private browsing, the UI tone of Safari changes to the default grey to indicate that you’re incognito.

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There’s a lot of new changes in iOS 7 and if you’re planning to jump ship when iOS 7 public version releases, you might want to check this out.

Wrapping up

What do you think of Safari? How much has it improved in iOS 7? Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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    • Click the Private button again. It’s on when the tab/menu bar is dark; it’s off when the tab/menu bar is light.

  1. But I don’t find the ‘private’ button in my iOS 7 as you have described. Please guide me how to turn it off


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