In today’s world of ever-increasing cyber crime or online hacking, it’s very imperative to have the much needed security. As you know that Apple takes the security issue very seriously, it has offered some highly useful features like, Private browsing in Safari in iOS. Once enabled, Private mode allows you to browse web without being tracked.

Moreover, Safari doesn’t keep the record of the web pages, search history or even the AutoFill information after you have enabled Private browsing in Safari on your iPhone. If you have used Private browsing in iOS 7, you can quickly get it started in iOS 8 too as all the steps are almost the same. But, if you are new to iOS ecosystem, you wouldn’t find it too easily.How to Enable Private Browsing in iOS 8 Safari on iPhone or iPadIf you feel insecure about being tracked online or, here is how you can enable Private browsing in Safari in iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad instantly. Let’s dive ahead to know more!

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How to Enable Private Browsing in Safari Running iOS 8-8.3 On iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Safari.

Step #2. Tap on tab icon from the bottom right corner.Tap On Tab Icon in Safari on iPhone Running iOS 8Step #3. Up next, tap on Private from the bottom left corner → Tap on Done from the bottom right hand to confirm.Enable Private Browsing in iOS 8 SafariThat’s it! You have successfully enabled Private browsing in Safari. From now onwards, you can browse web without having to worry about being tracked. Moreover, cookies or caches too won’t be anonymously stored in your device.

How to Disable Private Browsing in Safari Running iOS 8-8.3 on Your iPhone or iPad

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Supposing you have enabled Private browsing to prevent advertisers or developers from tracking you but you no longer want to keep it enabled, how would you disable it? It’s just as simple. Follow all the above mentioned steps and then disable Private browsing in the end.

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That’s it! What do you think of Private browsing? Is it helpful to you?