How to Enable or Disable Mac OS X Auto Updates in El Capitan

It was with the coming of OS X Yosemite when users could finally try their hands at automatically installing updates for Mac OS X. In the past, Apple has offered options to download updates in the background and install important security updates and app updates, however, the new options in Yosemite allow encompassing all software updates.

Much the same as manual updates, if the automatic updates go wrong, they can result in your Mac going dark. So it’s recommended that you must enable Time Machine backups on your Mac before enabling auto updates for OS X Yosemite.

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Every time there’s a new update, the Internet is shelled by “this bricked my PC” crowd. The vast majorities of these people configure their machines in unusual ways and install faulty software. So alongside enabling regular backups, make sure you aren’t making those weird mistakes.

How to Enable or Disable Mac OS X Auto Updates in El Capitan or Yosemite

Step #1. From the Apple menu, click System Preferences.

Click on System Preferences in Mac

Step #2. Go to the App Store panel.

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Click on App Store from Mac System Preferences

Step #3. You will see options to “Install OS X Updates.”

Step #4. Check all the boxes, including the ones to “Automatically check for updates” and “Download newly available updates in the background.”

How to Enable Auto OS X Updates in Mac

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When enabled, your operating system software will be updated automatically. You can also hit the Show Updates to instantly check for updates.

Watch out how to enable or disable Mac OS X auto update:

Keep in mind; the new options are not the same as what was being offered by Apple in the prior versions of OS X. In this way, if an update to Yosemite (for example, OS X 10.10.1) is available, the new settings will automatically download and apply it.

Remember, all doesn’t prefer the automatic update processes. For example, if you use your Mac consistently, you’ll get notifications for any available updates, and eventually, you’ll be able to manage them at your convenience.

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In case you don’t automatic updates, simply uncheck “Install OS X Updates” box.

That’s all for now!

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