iDB through LeiMobile comes up with this smart hack which lets you – the AT&T iPhone 5 user – snatch up some of T-Mobile’s ultrafast LTE. For free, of course.

On April 12, T-Mobile will begin selling their first iPhones configured specifically to match T-Mobile’s spectrum of operation in data. For those who can wait and grab an iPhone 5 from T-Mobile, this tutorial wouldn’t mean much but for those who are looking to tap into T-Mobile’s LTE network (Not HSDPA, mind you), you might just have to install one Cydia tweak and replace a couple of files to get things moving.

Here’s what you need:

  • An iPhone 5 (jailbroken and carrier unlocked)
  • iFile installed (look for it in Cydia and install it)

T Mobile LTE Speed Test

Here’s how to get T-Mobile’s LTE on Your AT&T iPhone 5:

#Step 1: Open Cydia and go to the point where you add a repo. (Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add)

#Step 2: Type this URL into it: and then tap on “Add Source”

#Step 3: After the repo gets added, search for CommCenter* patch and install it

#Step 4: Once installed, your iPhone 5 would need to reboot.

#Step 5: After it reboots, if you haven’t installed iFile, go ahead and install iFile from Cydia.

#Step 6: After this, download this file from Mobile Safari / Chrome on your iPhone 5. (or any other browser of your choice. Just make sure you download it on your iPhone 5)

#Step 7: After it gets downloaded, tap on ‘Open in iFile’

#Step 8: Once you’re inside iFile, tap on ‘Unarchiver’ (make sure the file is chosen)

#Step 9: 3 Files should now appear. Tap on Edit on the top, select these files:

  • carrier.plist, carrier.pri, overrides_N41_N42.plist, and overrides_N41_N42.pri

#Step 10: Tap on the clipboard icon on the bottom and tap Cut. Then tap on Done from the top.

#Step 11: You’ve not got four files in the clipboard. You’re going to paste it elsewhere.

#Step 12: In iFile, tap on the house icon at the bottom.

#Step 13: Then tap on Library -> Carrier Bundle.bundle

#Step 14: Again, tap on Edit and then on the clipboard icon and then on paste. All 4 files will be overwritten. Should you run into trouble, there’s this original files to re-copy and paste as backup so don’t worry.

#Step 15: Once done, restart iPhone.

#Step 16: Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular and reset the network settings. T-Mobile’s logo should show up on the carrier signal and you should be able to enable the LTE toggle.

Note that you can’t tap into T-Mobile’s 3G network via this method. You only get to switch to LTE and as of now, T-Mobile’s LTE coverage is pretty limited.

  • Maroof Rasheed

    sir ? I have done all the setting which u have given at the network setting is also changed to Tmobile carrier but my Lte toggle is not coming only Cellular data and data roaming option is coming .when i open cellular data E is running .so pls help me how the Lte toggle will come ? Is their any Software or Application in cydia ?

  • Robes

    How is T-Mobile’s LTE network compared to AT&T? I assume not as fast, so I don’t see the up front benefits of doing this. Also, how would one change back to the AT&T LTE Network after doing this?

    • It looks like TMo is getting faster LTE by the day. Which kind of explains why ppl want to jump to that band.
      You can use the backup files (linked in the article) to get back to AT&T’s network settings.