How to Turn On Low Power Mode on iPhone

The Low power mode is one of the battery saving features in the iPhone. Now in its four years, the feature is gaining momentum as more and more iOS users are using this facility to stop the battery from draining fast.

Low power mode in iPhone is a popular feature among users, who play games like Pokemon Go and other battery consuming apps. When you enable low power mode on your iPhone, the device will last longer although some tasks might not work until you disable low power mode. (Low power mode is not available for iPad)

Currently, almost all our tasks are directly or indirectly related to our smart devices, and in such cases, battery drain is the biggest worry for all. Apple very well understands the issue and thus, introduced a low-power mode option. Apple claims that by turning on the low power mode, the Apple device will gain extra three hours of battery life.

If you are new to the Apple ecosystem and not sure how to enable this option, please keep reading. Let’s check out how to turn it on!

How to Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Step #2. Scroll down to Battery and Tap on it.

Tap on Settings then Battery on iPhone or iPad

Step #3. Now turn on the Switch next to Low Power Mode.

Turn On Low-Power Mode on iPhone

It’s a give and takes situation; when you turn on the low power mode, many background activities like mail, app refresh, motion effects, and animated wallpapers are disabled. Well, it’s completely logical; lesser the processes lower the battery usage.

At present, almost all smartphone companies are dying hard to maximize their battery performance, because it is one of the vital features for boosting their sales. Apple has always been leading the race with innovations; low power mode is undoubtedly a welcome feature amongst all iDevice users.

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