How to Enable Low Power Mode in iOS 9 on iPhone

Apple as promised, introduced the new option in iOS 9 called as Low Power Mode. Let's check out how to enable and use it on your iPhone to have extra three hours of battery life.

Apple made an announcement of the new iOS 9 back in June and finally released for public in September 2015. Apple has fulfilled all the claims that they made during their announcement: improved Siri, enhanced photos function and low power mode. Looking at the present scenario, most impressive feature is the low power mode option. (Low power mode is not available for iPad)

In today’s world almost all our tasks are directly or indirectly related to our smart devices, and in such cases, battery drain is the biggest worry for all. Apple very well understands the issue and thus, introduced a low-power mode option in iOS 9. Apple claims that by turning on the low power mode, Apple device will gain extra three hours of battery life.

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How to enable Low Power Mode in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

If you are not sure on how to enable this option, please keep reading. According to claims made by Apple, this new feature can boost the battery life of your iOS 9 iPhone up to three hours. Given the fact that iOS 9 is supposed to take up less space on your device, the strong battery life can be a great advantage for any user.

How to Enable Low Power Mode in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Settings App in iOS 9

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Step #2. Scroll down to Battery (below Touch ID & Passcode.)

Step #3. Tap on Battery.

iOS 9 Battery Settings

Step #4. Now toggle Low Power Mode on.

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Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

It’s a give and takes situation; when you turn on the low power mode, many background activities like mail, app refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers are disabled. Well, it’s completely logical; lesser the processes lower the battery usage.

At present, almost all smartphone companies are dying hard to maximize their battery performance, because it is one of the vital features for boosting their sales. Apple has always been leading the race with innovations; low power mode is undoubtedly a welcome feature amongst all iDevice users.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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  1. The low power option is NOT there for both my iPad mini and iPad mini Retina, with both at 75% right now. The option is just not there for me to select it. Maybe they forgot to make that low power option to the iPads.

  2. No voice memo, no low power mode, no calculator, no health app for any iPads models. Why the hell all these omissions on iPads?. Is getting ridicolous.

  3. I just downloaded this update and my battery is dying at the speed of light. I’m not in low power mode, but now when I’m using my phone on wifi I can watch my battery drain in a matter of minutes. I don’t understand why my phone was BETTER with the old update.


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