How to Turn on Low Heart Rate Notifications on Apple Watch

watchOS 5 lets you enable low heart rate notifications on your Apple Watch. Follow this upfront guide to turn it on and find out why it could be enormously helpful and even save lives!

watchOS already had an option to turn on notification for high heart rate. And with watchOS 5, Apple has made it possible to enable notification for low heart rate as well on Apple Watch.

So, how does this new add-on work? To get started, you have to set beats per minute (BPM) threshold. After that, the Apple Watch will notify you whenever it finds your heart rate below the set BPM level while you’ve been inactive for a period of 10 minutes. It’s as straightforward as that!

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How to Enable Low Heart Rate Notifications on Apple Watch

Note: Make sure you have Apple Watch Series 1 or later running watchOS 5.

Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone

Step #2. Under My Watch tab, tap on Heart.

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Tap on Heart in Watch App on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, tap on Low Heart Rate.

Tap on Low Heart Rate in Watch App

Step #5. Finally, select your preferred threshold. You have three options: 40 BPM, 45 BPM, and 50 BPM.

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Turn on Low Heart Rate Notifications on Apple Watch

Choose any of the options and then quit the settings.

That’s pretty much it! Going forward; your smartwatch will ping you if it finds your heart rate below the chosen BPM for 10 minutes.

Later, if you ever wished to disable this health feature, return to this same setting and select Off in the end.

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Video: How to Turn on Low Heart Rate Notifications on Apple Watch

Enormously Helpful for Both Patients and Health Conscious People

According to health experts, a normal heart rate for adults is between 60–100 BPM. One important thing worth noting is that a lower heart rate at rest is considered to be a healthy sign. However, even 40 BMP is believed to be normal at the time of complete rest. But if it drastically goes too low (or too high), it’s not a good sign.

People diagnosed with the heart condition like cardiomyopathy will find this feature very helpful. But even those who wish to remain healthy would like to take advantage of this useful health feature.

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Additionally, watchOS has added some immensely user-friendly features recently. And the ones that have caught my eyes are Fall Detection and ECG. They have indeed made Apple Watch a boon for health conscious people, haven’t they?

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