Enable High-Quality Streaming in Apple Music Over Cellular on iPhone [How-to]

To save cellular data, Apple Music automatically reduces the quality of music. However, you can choose to adjust Apple Music streaming quality over cellular on your iPhone to listen to your favorite music in its pure form!

The days of limited bandwidth and the endless pursuit to save cellular data were over long ago for me. With several carriers offering unlimited data at a pretty low rate, I no longer have to reduce the quality of the media. And that’s the prime reason why I always like to stream high-quality Apple Music over cellular on my iOS device to relish music to my heart’s content.

For those unfamiliar, Apple Music (by default) lowers the quality of the music when your iPhone is on cellular to reduce data consumption. I think it’s a handy feature for the folks who use limited bandwidth. However, the ones with tons of or unlimited data would like to adjust the Apple Music streaming quality over cellular/mobile data. Dive right in to discover how it works!

How to Enable High-Quality Streaming in Apple Music Over Cellular/Mobile Data on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Launch Settings app on iPhone

Step #2. Now, scroll down and tap on Music.

Tap on Music in Settings on iPhone

Step #3. Next, tap on Cellular Data/Mobile Data.

Tap on Cellular Data in Music Settings on iPhone

Note: Ensure that the switch next to Streaming is turned on. Else, you won’t see the High-Quality Streaming option.

Turn ON Streaming option on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, Turn ON the switch next to High-Quality Streaming.

Turn ON High Quality Streaming on iPhone

Now, stream Apple Music, and you will be able to notice the slight difference in music quality. One thing worth noting is that the higher bitrate music will take a bit longer to load. It’s just a minor inconvenience that you can happily ignore in favor of better music quality.

If you ever want to turn off this feature, follow the same steps and then put the switch to OFF position in the end.

Video: How to Enable High-Quality Streaming in Apple Music Over Mobile Data on iPhone

That’s pretty much it!

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If you like to listen to music in its pure form, you would definitely want to make the most of this feature. Let me know your thoughts about it down below in the comments.

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