Apple has yet to think of introducing a Guest Mode for iPad but jailbreak developers are on it already. A new tweak, GuestMode, makes it possible to have a guest mode on your iPhone running iOS 7. What’s more: it can also protect apps from being opened in the Guest Mode.

While it’s both a fancy tweak and a very functional one, the most useful part of the tweak is where you can hand over your iPhone to your kids while keeping data and apps protected. Read on to find out how GuestMode works.

Enable Guest Mode for iPhone and Protect Apps on iOS 7 with GuestMode Cydia Tweak

There are Cydia apps that let you protect apps on your iPhone. Then, there is the Restriction feature that can help you prevent certain apps from being shown. But none of it is a good solution compared to the Guest Mode feature that is available on all desktops. That has made a lot of iOS users want it on their iPads (and on their iPhones too).

GuestMode Cydia Tweak

GuestMode is a new Cydia tweak which makes it possible (at the moment, for the iPhones). The tweak puts a Guest button on the passcode lock screen. When you tap this, your iPhone unlocks without any passcode input but this is where it gets interesting: only few parts of the iPhone are accessible by the ‘guest’. And you can completely control the accessibility.

The tweak lets you control many parts of the iPhone: for starters, you can configure what apps are available for the guest user. When the guest uses your iPhone, the apps that aren’t available are darkened and can’t be tapped/opened.

Enable Guest Mode for iPhone on iOS 7

You can also prevent other areas of the iPhone from being accessed by the guest user. These include Notification Center, Control Center, App Switcher, Siri, Newsstand, (restrict access of the Phone app to the dialer only), Spotlight etc.

Guest Mode to Protect Specific Apps on iPhone with iOS 7

GuestMode also lets you add a passcode for guest users alone. It’s also interesting because you can set the current time to be the passcode (so any guest user just needs to input the current time to unlock the iPhone). Besides tapping on the Guest button, you can also have it triggered by an Activator action or with swipes.

GuestMode is available on the BigBoss repo for $0.99. If your household has kids using your iPhone, this is a must-have tweak.

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    Thank you for sharing a great information. however, I could not figure out from reading the post on how to activate Guest mode on ios7. I’ve iPhone 5S. Can you please share that info as well…

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